Thursday, September 29, 2011


Obama gave his infamous UN speech - 'I'm a Jewslave and you are too' - to the American (and Israeli) people (or, rather, the American and Israeli Jews) on September 21.  That provides the context.  Obama abased himself so much it created a bit of a panic amongst the Zionists.  The over-the-top ultra Zionism from the President of the United States in what is perhaps the most embarrassing speech ever given by an American President, and one which the history books may mark as a turning point in American decline, provided the final confirmation of everything Walt and Mearsheimer has written on Lobby power (not to mention everything that Gilad Atzmon, not confined by the self-censorship required by academia, has written).

Mearsheimer wrote a blurb for the latest book by Gilad Atzmon, "The Wandering Who?", and Adam Holland attempted another drive-by smearing (more).

Needless to say, the concentration camp guard couldn't resist (more).

Walter Russell Mead.

Mearsheimer's conclusive response to all the Zio-nonsense.

"Mearsheimer, Goldberg, Atzmon"

Meanwhile, the professional 'left' weighs in, complete with another drive-by smearing of those real progressives fighting for the rights of the oppressed, in this case, Palestinians.

Alison Weir responds (Andy Newman picked a particularly unfortunate area in which to attack, given that the organ snatching allegations have all proven to be true, and then some!).

Jonathan Cook:   "The Dangerous Cult of the Guardian" (correctly ties the attack on Atzmon to the attempt by the Guardian to wreck Wikileaks).

A direct attack on Atzmon from the professional 'left'.  I suppose the terrible intellectual decline of the 'left' is part and parcel of the terrible times in which we live.  There is simply no longer any credible opposition to evil.

"Goldberg vs. Mearsheimer" by Gilad Atzmon:
"To be honest, it is somewhat amusing that an ex concentration camp guard like Goldberg should label me a ‘Hitler apologist’ or a  ‘Holocaust denier’: after all, since Goldberg is an ardent pro-war Zionist who openly and enthusiastically supports a Jews-only, racist, expansionist state, it is clear that he is actually the one who is an advocate of a distinctly Nazi-like ideology and practice."
"What is clear to the rest of us is that our Zionist detractors are fighting a lost battle. I really wonder what they hope to achieve: after all, those who have taken the time to actually read my work know very well that there is no hatred, no anti Semitism, and no racism in my entire body of work. Instead, I believe that truth is a dynamic process -- I believe in the power of reason and in free debate.
If Jeffrey Goldberg has any dignity left at all, then he should start again -- He should apologise to Professor Mearsheimer, myself, the Palestinians, and to humanity.  He would do better to also try to present an argument, and if he actually has anything to say, he would be best advised to then learn how to argue and encounter in debate."
Level-headed reviews:  LarudeeBallesDuff.  William A. CookVahdanyBlakeley.

One can only hope that all the Zionist nonsense will make Atzmon's book a bestseller.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lawrence of Cyberia with some history:
"So, to get this clear: The United States, which once coerced members of the U.N. into establishing the Israeli half of the two state solution when no clear international consensus existed on that step, is today trying to coerce members of the U.N. into NOT establishing the Palestinian half of the two state solution, even though a strong international consensus exists in favor of this. And this is the same United States that for the last 20 years has been the sole mediator of a 'peace process' allegedly intended to lead to the establishment of that two state solution. Do you really wonder why that process has failed to deliver?"
Philip Giraldi: "Biggest Losers in Palestine Veto? The American People":
"Israel sees danger precisely because the Palestinian bid will do a couple of things that call into question some significant aspects of the status quo. First of all, since it will certainly pass with a huge majority in the General Assembly if the Palestinians opt to go that route, it will provide overwhelming international confirmation of Palestinian rights with the U.S. and Israel standing on the wrong side on the issue. It will also severely undermine Israel’s moral position, such as it is, and emphasize the illegality of the Israeli occupation of parts of the West Bank. The process is already illegal in the eyes of the rest of the world, including the United States, but it will be even less tenable if a convincing majority of the world’s countries recognize Palestine as a state with defined borders and a national identity.

Second, recognition of statehood carries with it recognition that the state exists within defined space, in this case the 1967 borders. This has enormous significance because those borders include many areas being colonized by the Israelis, as well as East Jerusalem. It means that any Israeli settlement that is on the other side of that border is considered completely illegal and that Israel is therefore a rogue state that is occupying and settling lands belonging to a neighboring state 44 years after the cessation of hostilities. Even the New York Times in an article on Sept. 10 regarding the recent unrest in Egypt, noting that Islamic groups were not involved, conceded that criticism of Israel has a basis in the widespread popular perception that “Muslims, Arabs, and indeed many around the globe believe Israel is unjustly occupying Palestinian territories, and they are furious at Israel for it.” The rejection of Palestinian statehood and the debate surrounding it will only heighten that sentiment.

If the Palestinians are in the United Nations as a full member or even with limited rights, they will have access to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, where they can take legal steps against Israel and against individual Israelis. Even though Israel doesn’t recognize the legitimacy of the court, when it reaches the point where no senior Israeli government official, present or retired, can travel without concern over being arrested, it will have a major impact on how Israel sees itself and how the rest of the world sees Israel. The clear depiction of Israel as an occupying power in violation of the Geneva Conventions, to which most of the world’s nations are signatories, would also fuel the Israel divestment campaign, which is another major concern of the Israeli government, and also legitimately so, as it could have a serious impact on the Israeli economy.

The Palestinians would also have recourse to other United Nations bodies. They would, for example, be able to appeal to UNESCO to stop the Israeli demolition of Muslim and Arab historical sites and the renaming of villages and other landmarks, a considerable benefit."
Abbas gave a very dignified, elegant and eloquent speech, and Bibi responded by making farting noises with his armpit (at least, I think it was his armpit). A lot of the criticism of the Palestinian moves misses the fact that the Israelis have much of the Western world tied up as abject Jewslaves, and the Jews never intend to negotiate anything.  Israel will die of its own hand, but it is the job of the Palestinians to provoke the Jews to jump off that cliff.  It is also extremely helpful to shame the Western Jewslaves into recognizing how silly they look.  When Obama gave his speech, he was naked on all fours, with a leather collar around his neck attached to a steel chain held by a Jew, eating dog food off the floor of the UN.  Keep that image in mind.

"'Ground Zero' mosque opens without much controversy"  I wonder if the Grand Jewish Conspiracy ordered quiet on this.

Charles Percy, one of the first American politicians to challenge American Jewslavery, and one of the first to lose his seat because of it, has died.  His daughter's murder is one of the great American unsolved cases.

Firefox 6 is completely broken, but, as usual, it is almost a secret.  People just give up and move over to Chrome.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The stick is a carrot, and the carrot is a stick

The Americans are threatening to cut aid to the Palestinians if Abbas goes ahead with the UN statehood bid.  This 'aid' is used to pay for corruption amongst Palestinian officials.  What's left pays for the police state to oppress Palestinians so Israel won't have to.  Cutting aid would benefit most Palestinians.  Some threat!  The stick is a carrot.

You have to be amused at the casual treason of most American politicians:
"When the Obama administration wanted to be certain that Congress would not block $50 million in new aid to the Palestinian Authority last month, it turned to a singularly influential lobbyist: Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

At the request of the American Embassy and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mr. Netanyahu urged dozens of members of Congress visiting Israel last month not to object to the aid, according to Congressional and diplomatic officials. Mr. Netanyahu’s intervention with Congress underscored an extraordinary intersection of American diplomacy and domestic politics, the result of an ever-tightening relationship between the Israeli government and the Republican Party that now controls the House

. . . .

One of the members of Congress who attended the meeting with Mr. Netanyahu in August, Representative Michael G. Grimm of New York, a Republican, said that it was carefully explained to the delegation that the money would be used for training Palestinian police officers who work closely with the Israeli government.

Mr. Grimm said he felt more comfortable receiving the explanation from the prime minister than from Obama administration officials.

“I think the credibility is different,” he said, “in the sense that this is his country and he certainly would not support something that would have negative effects within his country.”
The Israelis want the aid to continue as it is really just another part of the many billions of American dollars going to the Jews.  Obama's UN speech is the most embarrassingly subservient - not to mention mendacious from one end to the other - speech ever given by an American official before the UN. Americans have never been so enslaved, and the world knows it.

The carrot is even more ridiculous. For decades, the Zionist plan has been to stall using bad faith negotiations and promises of further negotiations while it expands its illegal settlements each day. If Abbas backs down he gets . . . more negotiations?  Along with a requirement to recognize the legality of the settlements and the Jewishness of the state of Israel?  You have got to be kidding me.  The carrot is a stick.

Good luck to the Palestinians on their big day.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


"The humiliation of Barack Obama"  I would think that a demonstration to the world that the Americans are just lowly Jewslaves is one of the main benefits of a Palestinian attempt at statehood before the Security Council.  It will be interesting to see what the UK and France do - will they hang the Americans out to dry by abstaining?

The usual question about Colombia - do the Jews pay the bribes in shekels or kilos?

It remains unclear what will happen, but the Americans are spinning like crazy.  When was the last time the Palestinians had this much attention paid to them?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Another generous offer

The offer - note the New York Times used its two best Israeli Zionists to write this article - proffered by Dennis Ross (!) to Abbas on behalf of the American government (and the Europeans, bringing up the rear as the other Jew-slaves) to convince the Palestinians to drop their UN bid for recognition as a state was so laughable you have to wonder if it was intended to be an offer the Palestinians couldn't possibly accept.  Essentially, Abbas would give up, and in return the Palestinians would get to . . . recognize Israel as a Jewish state and legitimize all the settlements.  As difficult as it is to believe, that's the gist of the American offer.

Of course, the lites believe that the UN recognition as a state can be used to freeze the extent of Palestinian rights, and thus at least temporarily create the two-state solution that will be used to preserve the Jewish nature of Israel.  Therefore, the plan may very well be to force Abbas to obtain the state he wants.  Actually, the US veto will prevent the full state, leaving the Palestinians with years of legal wrangling over whether what they got is enough to accomplish anything practical.  Meanwhile, the lite Zionists will argue that the semi-state is enough to terminate any possible Palestinian claims beyond the 1967 borders.

Having said all that, the Palestinians have no choice but to go for it.  They have to break the log-jam, and end the slow-motion land theft based on the infinite promises of future negotiations.  The fact that Jews have schemes is no reason to assume that the schemes will succeed.  This is the first time in a long time that the Palestinians have seized the initiative.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


The Israeli-American-European conspiracy is to foist an 'upgrade' in status on the Palestinians that would be less than full state status.  Why?  The details of their machinations prove that the real issue is that Bibi and his pals are terrified of The Hague:
"Netanyahu continued his talks with U.S. envoys Dennis Ross and David Hale on Thursday, as well as Ashton and Quartet envoy Tony Blair, in an attempt to reach a compromise that would prevent an Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the UN. But no breakthrough was made, and the PA's appeal to the United Nations next week is regarded as inevitable.

Netanyahu told his interlocutors that granting the PA the status of a state would allow the Palestinians to go to the International Criminal Court in The Hague over issues like settlement construction. "But as long as it is less than a state, I'm ready to talk about it," a source familiar with the conversation quoted him as saying.

One of Netanyahu's advisers also said that Israel would not object to the PA's status being upgraded as long as it is not recognized as a state.

Both U.S. officials and Blair have been pressuring Ashton over the past few days to quash a French-Spanish initiative under which the EU's 27 members would unanimously support a General Assembly resolution upgrading the PA's status at the United Nations to that of a nonmember state. This initiative would give the PA the same status the Vatican now has.

In exchange, the PA would not ask the Security Council to grant it full UN membership or file charges against Israelis in the ICC.

Ashton, who had come to the region to gauge the parties' response to the French-Spanish initiative, did not even discuss it due to this pressure. Instead, without consulting the EU member states, Ashton raised a proposal of her own that conformed to Netanyahu's position.

Under Ashton's proposal, the PA would be upgraded to a new legal status less than that of a state. Such a status currently does not exist at the United Nations, but would be created especially for this purpose.

This status would not give the PA the standing it would need to take Israelis to the ICC."
If the Collaborator-In-Chief Abbas falls for any of this, the Palestinians must hold an immediate collaboration trial and hang him on the spot, even if they have to tie the rope to the curtain rod of a New York City hotel room.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The tribe who cried wolf

"Moron Student Who Accused Jewish Prof of Anti-Semitism: I Am The Victim Here"  You can't make this stuff up.  Note she is being supported by B'nai Brith Canada. This mental illness is official Canadian Jewish policy.  The widespread lack of connection to reality - seen in many, including the Concentration Camp Guard - explains a lot.  We have to stop catering to the collective delusions of a very small group, especially when it is part of a violent, racist, supremacist scheme of killing people and stealing land.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sorry I broke your window, may I sell you some glass?

"Israel to ‘punish’ Turkey":
"Lieberman is also planning to set meetings with the heads of Kurdish rebel group PKK in Europe in order to “cooperate with them and boost them in every possible area.” In these meetings, the Kurds may ask Israel for military aid in the form of training and arms supplies, a move that would constitute a major anti-Turkish position should it materialize."
You'd have to be awfully naive to think that this kind of material military support hasn't already been going on.

"UAVs 'could end Israel-Turkey rift'":
"As far as the UAVs are concerned, on Aug. 31 Haaretz quoted a "senior Turkish source" as saying it was possible the 27-year war against the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, "may actually be the factor that rehabilitates relations between Turkey and Israel.
"Turkey needs the UAVs and Israel is likely to be a good source, especially when the fact that Turkey already has a service platform for Israeli UAVs is taken into account."
The Herons provided by Israel have reportedly been deployed to gather intelligence on PKK fighters operating from neighboring Iraq's Kurdish region.
Hundreds of PKK guerrillas have been reported killed in Turkish airstrikes in recent days."
The marketing slogan: "Jews: the cause of, and solution to, all your problems"

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What's wrong with this story?

Despite the fact that its late revelation embarrasses the FBI - who failed to tell anyone, including the 9/11 Commission, about it - the latest story of Atta's Florida friends (reminiscent of Hopsicker's reporting) was presumably released to remind Americans of the Saudi connections to the September 11 attack, a big part of the official mythology required to divert attention from the real perps.  Short summary:  Atta hangs out at home of people, related to a prominent Saudi family, who suddenly disappear before September 11.  Of course, if you think about the details, the story falls apart (which is presumably why the FBI didn't use it until a big Saudi reminder was needed for the tenth anniversary).  The problem details:
  1. The family disappeared two weeks before September 11.
  2. They left so hurriedly they didn't have time to pack anything.
These facts don't hang together with being part of a conspiracy with Atta. If they knew what was going on, why leave in a mad rush, but two weeks early? It doesn't make sense.  It appears that something terrified them into leaving immediately, but that something didn't have any direct connection to September 11.  It is likely they were set up, introduced to Atta and then warned that their lives were in danger if they didn't immediately disappear.  In other words, they were meant to be part of the mythological connection of the attack to the Saudis.

It is common to see these strands built up connecting various groups as scapegoats to be used after the event.  For example, the JFK assassination is full of such strands, various frames of guilt to be used as and when necessary by the real conspirators.  This one is an obviously faulty story, so it wasn't used until they needed a last-minute anniversary distraction.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Likely more complicated

A Hebrew to English translator for the U. S. government, Shamai K. Leibowitz, has been convicted of leaking classified documents for giving transcripts of American surveillance of the Israeli embassy in Washington to the prominent lite-Zionist blogger Richard Silverstein.  The story, originally with very little in the way of details but now fleshed out by Silverstein,  is that the translator was concerned about discussions within the embassy, and possibly with at least one American Congressman, about an Israeli attack on Iran.  Thinking this would be a disaster, and hoping to stop the attack, the translator supplied Silverstein with the transcripts, supposedly hoping that publicity would put an end to the proposed attack.  A few points:
  • You have to find it amusing that the American government thinks nothing of hiring a recent Israeli immigrant, a (former) member of the IDF, a lawyer with strong ongoing ties to Israel, to translate secret transcripts of surreptitious surveillance of the Israeli embassy (what could possibly go wrong?)
  • When the translator was charged, Silverstein destroyed all the documents (obstruction of justice, much?), and we have to rely on Silverstein to describe what was going on (my emphasis in red - HA!:  "[Silverstein] said the transcripts also included a three-way conversation between a congressman from Texas, an American supporter of the congressman and an embassy official; Mr. Silverstein said he could not recall any of the names. ")
  • An alternative scenario is that the translator was planted as part of an Israeli counterintelligence operation to monitor American surveillance  - you'd have to be awfully naive to think the Israelis weren't aware it was going on - and find out what the Americans knew
  • It is simplistic to think there is one Israeli view about things, and it is a recognized fact that the Jewish Billionaires and their minions (e.g., American congressmen) are much more inclined to drastic military solutions than would seem sane to most of the Israelis, so another possibility is that the translator was in place to allow the Israelis to spy on their own embassy
  • The transcripts may very well have been released as part of a plan to convince Americans that the Israelis really are serious about attacking Iran, thus making it seem as a fait accompli requiring American military involvement (this is essentially what Jeffrey Goldberg has been up to)
  • Releasing secrets, or edited secrets, is also classic counterintelligence, throwing a fox in the chicken coop to see what the fallout may be, and reorganizing your embassy staff, and American politicians, accordingly
  • If Harman got caught up in this, and the Israelis knew they were being monitored, you have to wonder if they wanted her gone, or a least nudged to a job they felt would be more helpful to them.

Monday, September 05, 2011


  1. "Facts and myths in the WikiLeaks/Guardian saga"  Typical meticulous Glenn Greenwald, but I think he is far too generous to The Guardian (ironic name for this newspaper, right?).
  2. David Leigh's bizarre response
  3. "Guardian Investigative Editor David Leigh publishes top secret Cablegate password revealing names of U.S. collaborators and informants... in his book":
    "I remember reading this shortly after the book was released and instinctively thinking "bad idea".

    On a basic security level, revealing any information about how Julian Assange formulates his passwords could have implications in any of the other myriad of sensitive areas Wikileaks deals with. Any files encrypted by Assange at the same time - or before - the cables, and in the possession of any entity hostile to Wikileaks, are now more vulnerable since Leigh's book gave up its clue about how Assange formulates passwords.

    And anyone who has access to the original file David Leigh was given, could now decrypt it. Unless the original file was carefully protected throughout its entire life, decrypted and unzipped, then destroyed after the data was released, that password will work on copies of it for ever. No backsies. So regardless how David Leigh & Co. imagine computer security works - and right now they are desperately trying increasingly ridiculous arguments to blame Wikileaks for Leigh's actions - there's no reason to publish any password this sensitive - ever.

    The entire Leigh/Harding Wikileaks book is written in the thrilled tone of a girl scout's diary, clearly reveling in the secret squirrel aspect of the story. And they're clearly clueless too. Leigh at one point drives across town so Assange can show him how to unzip the Cablegate file. Perhaps not the best people to share secrets with."
    Leigh's actions are inexcusable, but, in his defense, he may just be a complete idiot.
  4. The Guardian deplores the decision to release the unredacted cables.  Nest week, Charlie Manson will deplore the Manson Family killings.
  5. "Assange Is Right To Publish All Cables"  I'd go further.  We shouldn't be confusing the sources used by journalists, and rats.  The people we are talking about here are rats, slimes who betrayed their own people to one of the most vile and evil institutions ever to exist, the American government.  The Americans lost their own data, and are only concerned about the leak because they fear it will deter future rats.  I hope it does.  Rats don't deserve protection, ever.
Assange has the same problem he always does.  He hasn't a clue on how to judge character (Asperger's trait?). His mistake has nothing to do with leaks, and everything to do with getting into bed with the scum at The Guardian.