Monday, September 19, 2011

Another generous offer

The offer - note the New York Times used its two best Israeli Zionists to write this article - proffered by Dennis Ross (!) to Abbas on behalf of the American government (and the Europeans, bringing up the rear as the other Jew-slaves) to convince the Palestinians to drop their UN bid for recognition as a state was so laughable you have to wonder if it was intended to be an offer the Palestinians couldn't possibly accept.  Essentially, Abbas would give up, and in return the Palestinians would get to . . . recognize Israel as a Jewish state and legitimize all the settlements.  As difficult as it is to believe, that's the gist of the American offer.

Of course, the lites believe that the UN recognition as a state can be used to freeze the extent of Palestinian rights, and thus at least temporarily create the two-state solution that will be used to preserve the Jewish nature of Israel.  Therefore, the plan may very well be to force Abbas to obtain the state he wants.  Actually, the US veto will prevent the full state, leaving the Palestinians with years of legal wrangling over whether what they got is enough to accomplish anything practical.  Meanwhile, the lite Zionists will argue that the semi-state is enough to terminate any possible Palestinian claims beyond the 1967 borders.

Having said all that, the Palestinians have no choice but to go for it.  They have to break the log-jam, and end the slow-motion land theft based on the infinite promises of future negotiations.  The fact that Jews have schemes is no reason to assume that the schemes will succeed.  This is the first time in a long time that the Palestinians have seized the initiative.
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