Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Likely more complicated

A Hebrew to English translator for the U. S. government, Shamai K. Leibowitz, has been convicted of leaking classified documents for giving transcripts of American surveillance of the Israeli embassy in Washington to the prominent lite-Zionist blogger Richard Silverstein.  The story, originally with very little in the way of details but now fleshed out by Silverstein,  is that the translator was concerned about discussions within the embassy, and possibly with at least one American Congressman, about an Israeli attack on Iran.  Thinking this would be a disaster, and hoping to stop the attack, the translator supplied Silverstein with the transcripts, supposedly hoping that publicity would put an end to the proposed attack.  A few points:
  • You have to find it amusing that the American government thinks nothing of hiring a recent Israeli immigrant, a (former) member of the IDF, a lawyer with strong ongoing ties to Israel, to translate secret transcripts of surreptitious surveillance of the Israeli embassy (what could possibly go wrong?)
  • When the translator was charged, Silverstein destroyed all the documents (obstruction of justice, much?), and we have to rely on Silverstein to describe what was going on (my emphasis in red - HA!:  "[Silverstein] said the transcripts also included a three-way conversation between a congressman from Texas, an American supporter of the congressman and an embassy official; Mr. Silverstein said he could not recall any of the names. ")
  • An alternative scenario is that the translator was planted as part of an Israeli counterintelligence operation to monitor American surveillance  - you'd have to be awfully naive to think the Israelis weren't aware it was going on - and find out what the Americans knew
  • It is simplistic to think there is one Israeli view about things, and it is a recognized fact that the Jewish Billionaires and their minions (e.g., American congressmen) are much more inclined to drastic military solutions than would seem sane to most of the Israelis, so another possibility is that the translator was in place to allow the Israelis to spy on their own embassy
  • The transcripts may very well have been released as part of a plan to convince Americans that the Israelis really are serious about attacking Iran, thus making it seem as a fait accompli requiring American military involvement (this is essentially what Jeffrey Goldberg has been up to)
  • Releasing secrets, or edited secrets, is also classic counterintelligence, throwing a fox in the chicken coop to see what the fallout may be, and reorganizing your embassy staff, and American politicians, accordingly
  • If Harman got caught up in this, and the Israelis knew they were being monitored, you have to wonder if they wanted her gone, or a least nudged to a job they felt would be more helpful to them.
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