Monday, September 05, 2011


  1. "Facts and myths in the WikiLeaks/Guardian saga"  Typical meticulous Glenn Greenwald, but I think he is far too generous to The Guardian (ironic name for this newspaper, right?).
  2. David Leigh's bizarre response
  3. "Guardian Investigative Editor David Leigh publishes top secret Cablegate password revealing names of U.S. collaborators and informants... in his book":
    "I remember reading this shortly after the book was released and instinctively thinking "bad idea".

    On a basic security level, revealing any information about how Julian Assange formulates his passwords could have implications in any of the other myriad of sensitive areas Wikileaks deals with. Any files encrypted by Assange at the same time - or before - the cables, and in the possession of any entity hostile to Wikileaks, are now more vulnerable since Leigh's book gave up its clue about how Assange formulates passwords.

    And anyone who has access to the original file David Leigh was given, could now decrypt it. Unless the original file was carefully protected throughout its entire life, decrypted and unzipped, then destroyed after the data was released, that password will work on copies of it for ever. No backsies. So regardless how David Leigh & Co. imagine computer security works - and right now they are desperately trying increasingly ridiculous arguments to blame Wikileaks for Leigh's actions - there's no reason to publish any password this sensitive - ever.

    The entire Leigh/Harding Wikileaks book is written in the thrilled tone of a girl scout's diary, clearly reveling in the secret squirrel aspect of the story. And they're clearly clueless too. Leigh at one point drives across town so Assange can show him how to unzip the Cablegate file. Perhaps not the best people to share secrets with."
    Leigh's actions are inexcusable, but, in his defense, he may just be a complete idiot.
  4. The Guardian deplores the decision to release the unredacted cables.  Nest week, Charlie Manson will deplore the Manson Family killings.
  5. "Assange Is Right To Publish All Cables"  I'd go further.  We shouldn't be confusing the sources used by journalists, and rats.  The people we are talking about here are rats, slimes who betrayed their own people to one of the most vile and evil institutions ever to exist, the American government.  The Americans lost their own data, and are only concerned about the leak because they fear it will deter future rats.  I hope it does.  Rats don't deserve protection, ever.
Assange has the same problem he always does.  He hasn't a clue on how to judge character (Asperger's trait?). His mistake has nothing to do with leaks, and everything to do with getting into bed with the scum at The Guardian.
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