Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lawrence of Cyberia with some history:
"So, to get this clear: The United States, which once coerced members of the U.N. into establishing the Israeli half of the two state solution when no clear international consensus existed on that step, is today trying to coerce members of the U.N. into NOT establishing the Palestinian half of the two state solution, even though a strong international consensus exists in favor of this. And this is the same United States that for the last 20 years has been the sole mediator of a 'peace process' allegedly intended to lead to the establishment of that two state solution. Do you really wonder why that process has failed to deliver?"
Philip Giraldi: "Biggest Losers in Palestine Veto? The American People":
"Israel sees danger precisely because the Palestinian bid will do a couple of things that call into question some significant aspects of the status quo. First of all, since it will certainly pass with a huge majority in the General Assembly if the Palestinians opt to go that route, it will provide overwhelming international confirmation of Palestinian rights with the U.S. and Israel standing on the wrong side on the issue. It will also severely undermine Israel’s moral position, such as it is, and emphasize the illegality of the Israeli occupation of parts of the West Bank. The process is already illegal in the eyes of the rest of the world, including the United States, but it will be even less tenable if a convincing majority of the world’s countries recognize Palestine as a state with defined borders and a national identity.

Second, recognition of statehood carries with it recognition that the state exists within defined space, in this case the 1967 borders. This has enormous significance because those borders include many areas being colonized by the Israelis, as well as East Jerusalem. It means that any Israeli settlement that is on the other side of that border is considered completely illegal and that Israel is therefore a rogue state that is occupying and settling lands belonging to a neighboring state 44 years after the cessation of hostilities. Even the New York Times in an article on Sept. 10 regarding the recent unrest in Egypt, noting that Islamic groups were not involved, conceded that criticism of Israel has a basis in the widespread popular perception that “Muslims, Arabs, and indeed many around the globe believe Israel is unjustly occupying Palestinian territories, and they are furious at Israel for it.” The rejection of Palestinian statehood and the debate surrounding it will only heighten that sentiment.

If the Palestinians are in the United Nations as a full member or even with limited rights, they will have access to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, where they can take legal steps against Israel and against individual Israelis. Even though Israel doesn’t recognize the legitimacy of the court, when it reaches the point where no senior Israeli government official, present or retired, can travel without concern over being arrested, it will have a major impact on how Israel sees itself and how the rest of the world sees Israel. The clear depiction of Israel as an occupying power in violation of the Geneva Conventions, to which most of the world’s nations are signatories, would also fuel the Israel divestment campaign, which is another major concern of the Israeli government, and also legitimately so, as it could have a serious impact on the Israeli economy.

The Palestinians would also have recourse to other United Nations bodies. They would, for example, be able to appeal to UNESCO to stop the Israeli demolition of Muslim and Arab historical sites and the renaming of villages and other landmarks, a considerable benefit."
Abbas gave a very dignified, elegant and eloquent speech, and Bibi responded by making farting noises with his armpit (at least, I think it was his armpit). A lot of the criticism of the Palestinian moves misses the fact that the Israelis have much of the Western world tied up as abject Jewslaves, and the Jews never intend to negotiate anything.  Israel will die of its own hand, but it is the job of the Palestinians to provoke the Jews to jump off that cliff.  It is also extremely helpful to shame the Western Jewslaves into recognizing how silly they look.  When Obama gave his speech, he was naked on all fours, with a leather collar around his neck attached to a steel chain held by a Jew, eating dog food off the floor of the UN.  Keep that image in mind.

"'Ground Zero' mosque opens without much controversy"  I wonder if the Grand Jewish Conspiracy ordered quiet on this.

Charles Percy, one of the first American politicians to challenge American Jewslavery, and one of the first to lose his seat because of it, has died.  His daughter's murder is one of the great American unsolved cases.

Firefox 6 is completely broken, but, as usual, it is almost a secret.  People just give up and move over to Chrome.

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