Thursday, October 13, 2011

It is a three-party conspiracy. Israeli. American. Saudi.

It is a three-party conspiracy.  Israeli.  American.  Saudi.

The Saudis were pretending to be mad at the Americans over the American dismissal of the Palestinian statehood bid.  The release of the thousand Palestinian prisoners makes it look like the Saudis accomplished something, and helps to hide the newly revitalized post-Arab-Spring Saudi-Zionist alliance.

Making the Saudis the supposed planned victims of the plot at the hands of the Iranians makes it seem necessary for the Saudis to arm themselves for self-defense against the obviously dangerous Iranians.  Thus, the Jews will unlock the slave-restraints from the American legislators long enough for them to approve the massive arms sale by the American Military-Industrial Complex to the Saudis.  The Americans will make their billions of dollars of profit, and the Saudi princes will enjoy the usual kickbacks for raping their country's treasury.  The recent uprisings in the Shi'ite areas of Saudi Arabia weren't a coincidence.

What do the Jews get?  Jewish fangs are just aching - aching - for the shedding of gentile blood in Iran through another American War For The Jews.  The Americans know that such a war would be the end of the American Empire.  Even though Obama is the most abject of Jewslaves, he has one card to play, and Panetta no doubt played it in talking to Bibi.  Some of the Jewish billionaires whose money Obama needs are lite Zionists, the kind of Hollywood Jew who fears the end of Israel in either the one-state solution or the fall of Hezbollah rockets in retaliation for yet another illegal attack on yet another completely innocent and non-threatening country.  Obama can credibly tell Bibi that while he'd love to prostrate himself even more to the wonders of Jewish money, he can't, because he also needs the money from the Hollywood Jewish billionaires.  Releasing the prisoners is a method of allowing the Jews to appear to be reasonable without actually having to give up anything in the negotiations which Abbas will be forced into, as part of the ongoing delay-and-steal-land plan

The Jews had to settle for the consolation prize, a patsy the Americans had been sitting on for a rainy day.  The phony and utterly ridiculous plot which was written up by some neocon - reminds me of Ledeen - included an attack on the Israeli embassy (over-egging the pudding?) and the typical neocon addition of the Mexican drug cartel, thus incorporating the neocon obsession with some kind of grand anti-Semitic Latin American/Arab conspiracy (the drug cartel reference is also supposed to help Holder with his spot of bother over providing arms to the Mexican drug cartels by emphasizing how dangerous to Americans they really are).  The phony plot will be used to attempt to increase international sanctions against Iran.

Contrary to what I've been reading everywhere, the American plan here isn't to start a war against Iran.  Just the opposite.
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