Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011

"European Poll: Israel Biggest Threat To World Peace"  What's the word?  Duh.

Love the headline:  "War Museum panel discusses how to keep Holocaust stories and memories alive when its survivors are gone"  Love the fact they held their conference at the War Museum. What use is the Jewish holocaust other than to provide cover for warmongers?  Love the fact that Irwin Cotler was a participant.  Needless to say, the point of such 'education' isn't to prevent future genocide against the Jews, but rather to enable ongoing and future genocides by the Jews.

More hilarity from 'Langley' Cole:  "Sefat: Top 10 ways OWS can Excel: Counsel from Iran’s Green Movement"  Occupy Wall Street can sure learn a lot from a joint Mossad-CIA destabilization psyop.

Another really bad source of information/inspiration:  ultra-Zionist Slavoj Žižek.

Much better:  Van Dyke Parks.

Angry Arab (best advice of all):
"Comrade Sinan got it right:  "The role of the intellectual may be shrinking into that of the micro-blogger or street organizer. To some, that is just fine. “I don’t think there is a need for intellectuals to spearhead any revolution,” says Sinan Antoon, an Iraqi-born poet and novelist who has written extensively on the Arab Spring and now teaches at New York University. “It is no longer a movement to be led by heroes.”"  Exactly.  It is a good thing.  Let the intellectuals be marginalized."
Interesting posting on the Valerie Percy murder.
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