Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Plots and distractions

Quick thoughts on the alleged Iranian assassination plot:
  1. Motive?  What possible reason would Iran have to do this?  What possible good could it do them?
  2. Holder is in desperate, desperate need of a distraction.
  3. So is Bibi, if he lets out hundreds of Palestinian prisoners. 'Iran talk' is the default Israeli smoke screen.  Panetta just came back from telling Bibi he was on his own if he wants to attack Iran - the Jews saw Obama's UN speech and assumed they could get him to do anything, so they needed to be set straight - and I imagine the consolation prize for the Jewish billionaire donors is more harassment of Iran, necessitating some sort of reason.
  4. New York City?  What could possibly be going on in New York City that we need not pay attention to?  "Criminal charges will be brought in the Southern District of New York because a downpayment of $100,000 was wired through a bank located in the Southern District of New York, officials say."
  5. This time the government agent provocateur without whom there would have been no plot was a DEA agent.
  6. "We will not let other countries use our soil as their battleground."  He really said that?
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