Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Running around while Arab

"Almalki 'an Arab running around'":
"Ottawa engineer Abdullah Almalki says new documents show the RCMP's assessment of his terrorist threat was both wholly unfounded and clouded by racism.
Almalki, a Carleton University graduate and father of six, spent 22 months in Syrian custody after his arrest on May 3, 2002. He was questioned based on faulty Canadian intelligence and tortured.
Almalki on Tuesday released explosive new documents obtained under federal Access to Information legislation, which reveal that RCMP investigators had found nothing against him both before and after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
In an RCMP memo, dated Oct. 4, 2001, an investigator concludes: "O Div. (Ontario Division) task force are presently finding it difficult to establish anything on him other than the fact he is an arab running around."
Despite that internal finding, the RCMP, in a letter to the Syrian intelligence agency, labelled Almalki "an imminent threat" to Canada's national security and linked him to al-Qaeda.
That letter was issued on the same day, Oct. 4, 2001, that RCMP investigators admitted they had nothing on him."
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