Sunday, October 16, 2011

The sting

How the FBI got their hooks in the Iranian assassination plot patsy:
"Williamson County records had also indicated an arrest for possession of a controlled substance, but officials said Wednesday that that was a mistake and Arbabsiar was never charged with that crime."
The charge was in March 2010.  The normal procedure would be to drop the charges in return for the patsy's 'help' in investigating the Mexican drug cartel. Normally, a guy like Manssor Arbabsiar would never have the opportunity to meet with a high ranking member of a Mexican drug cartel. Who does he think he is, Walter White? The FBI would provide the introduction, to a guy who just happens to be a DEA informant. The sting would be to convince the Mexican that Arbabsiar could provide the cartel with wholesale quantities of Iranian heroin. In the middle of the two weeks of negotiations, the informant managed to make this seem like it was about an assassination plot, something that never would have even occurred to a guy like Arbabsiar (watch the two Gareth Porter videos, and read this). The twist may be that somewhere along the line Arbabsiar decided he could scam his Iranian contacts into paying him a commission for the drug deal Arbabsiar knew would never go through (which would explain the payments made to him from a mysterious source, presumably prepayment of part of his commission for arranging the deal).  From Arbabsiar's point of view, the whole thing was about staying out of jail while making a little money on a phony drug deal.  The entire assassination plot was fed into the transcripts by the DEA informant.  If Arbabsiar went along with it, it was just to keep the drug deal in play long enough to collect money from Iran.
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