Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Elizabeth Warren, the Woman Awakening the American Left" or  "Elizabeth Warren’s Jobs Plan: War with Iran"  Warren's just another piece of shit.  You can see why the 99% have to stay well away from party politics.

"The U.S. Now Uses More Corn for Fuel Than Feed!"  Using corn for fuel is still the fucking stupidest idea that anyone has ever had.

"A Protester’s Account of This Weekend’s Citibank Arrests"  The geniuses who run Citibank - who of course deserve every cent of the billions they make in salary and bonuses as they are so good at running a bank - are apparently trying to lose all of their very lucrative retail customers.

"Crisis for Billionaires"   I wonder how worried they are about this.  The assumption is always that the money is safe.

Pure Evil.  We're fortunate that Luttwak and his ilk as such idiots, as it is their advice that is hastening the disappearance of the shitty little country and the end of the American Empire.
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