Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"The Real Rupert Murdoch" The psychopathic scumbags are turning on each other.

"Revealed: UK government plotted with Israel lobby to ban Salah" Remember this was going on at the same time as the Jews were telling their Jewslave politicians to ruin international law in Britain by creating an exception to allow the entry to Britain of international war criminals, as long as they were Jewish international war criminals. The lawyer for the government explains that the quote on which the anti-Semitism charge was based - the quote which had been altered to add the anti-Semitism - was acceptable as evidence for the anti-Semitism charge as the fraudulent alteration had been reported on by a “respectable media outlet in Israel”.  OK, then.

"Archaeologists Worldwide Urge Halt to “Museum of Tolerance” Construction on Ancient Muslim Cemetery"  Only savages would even think of building a museum to 'tolerance' on the graves of their enemies.

"Bachmann: Gaddafi 'May Be' Still in Power If I Were President"  I believe that Bachmann is certifiably insane, but her voting record, and her stated positions on many of the most important issues, are in many ways far more progressive than most Democrats, and most so-called American progressives.  It is simply sad that this 'progressive' website is using her better instincts to make fun of her.  The United States is fucked for a very good reason.

"Occupy Wall Street and the Celebrity Economists"  "Occupiers Have to Convince the Other 99 Percent"  While the celebrity economists and the sleazy Democrat operatives would certainly wreck Occupy Wall Street, there is simply no question that the quickest and easiest way to ruin it forever is to bring old Karl into the picture.  Why would anybody even suggest such a thing?

"The Protestant Ethic And The Spirit Of Capitalism A Mini-Tutorial Part One"  The circularity of 'experiments' by sociologists.

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