Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Commies for the 0.01%

Curiouser and curiouser (politics makes strange bedfellows):  even the commies think rape victims are sluts.  And come on! - the head of the IMF may have raped one of your employees in your hotel.  Of course you phone the head office!  There is no need to start to see proof of a Sarko conspiracy.

Note how sneakily this is written (my emphasis in red; I thought Martin was a straight shooter but there goes his reputation, and all for the head of the IMF!):
"The most extraordinary evidence brought forward in the Epstein article concerns the actions of Brian Yearwood, the hotel engineer, and an unidentified man, apparently a security agent of some kind, who are seen on the videotape accompanying Nafissatou Diallo to the security office where she reported the attack. About an hour afterwards, the security office placed a 911 call to the police—a delay which Epstein notes as peculiar and unexplained.
Two minutes after the 911 call is placed, bringing the police into the case officially and ensuring the public vilification and humiliation of Strauss-Kahn, Yearwood and the unidentified man appear on a security videotape giving each other high-fives and performing what lawyers for Strauss-Kahn described as a victory dance. What were they celebrating?"
Actually, if you think it through, the hotel delayed phoning in order to protect their important customer, and almost gave him the chance to flee the jurisdiction.  Then they turned right around and, with a lie about the missing phone, tricked DSK into being caught.  There are competing forces at work.

"The Strange Argument That Dominique Strauss-Kahn Was Set Up":
"Epstein makes much of the disappearance of DSK’s IMF BlackBerry. A “researcher” at the rival party who somehow has reliable access to such information has told DSK by text (to which Epstein inexplicably has access too) “that at least one private email he had recently sent from his BlackBerry to his wife, Anne Sinclair, had been read at the UMP offices in Paris. It is unclear how the UMP offices might have received this email, but if it had come from his IMF BlackBerry, he had reason to suspect he might be under electronic surveillance in New York.” Except that there was no need to have DSK surveilled in New York in order to access his email — an enterprising hacker could have hacked into the server without any access to the physical device."
This is an iffy paragraph - hacking into Blackberry's servers would be a major task, if not impossible (that's one reason why Blackberries are still used by security-conscious corporations in this age of Apple) - but the point about Epstein's info having to come from DSK himself is valid.

There are quite possibly competing conspiracies here, a set-up conspiracy and a counter conspiracy of which Epstein's article, and the mishandling of the charges by the New York prosecutor's office (Cyrus R. Vance, Jr.), are parts.  We're watching the tectonic plates of super-power grind against each other.  Even the commies are in on it!
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