Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

"Fracking Insiders Admit To Employing Military 'Psychological Operations' On American Citizens"

Hilarious story of the day:  "Canada’s top spy watchdog resigns" (my emphasis in red):
"The head of the Security and Intelligence Review Committee, the watchdog for Canada’s spy agency, has resigned.

Arthur Porter had been appointed Canada’s top spy watcher by Prime Minister Stephen Harper last year, but recently came under fire for doing business with a consultant who has surfaced in global arms deals and an alleged plot for a coup in Africa.

In his Nov. 9 resignation letter, Dr. Porter wrote that he remains a proud Canadian citizen for whom “integrity, honour and respect hold tremendous meaning.” But he told the Prime Minister he felt compelled to step down because “a scurrilous portrayal” of his business dealings “had the potential to tarnish” the Security and Intelligence Review Committee.

“Dr. Porter has submitted his resignation to me, and I have accepted it, effective immediately,” Mr. Harper said in a written response circulated by his office.

The National Post reported this week that Dr. Porter struck a short-lived $200,000 business deal last year with Ari Ben-Menashe, a Montrealer who has published a memoir about his 1980s-era arms-dealing exploits. The globe-trotting consultant also has made international headlines for using a secret video camera to implicate a past client – Zimbabwe’s opposition leader – in a supposed coup plot.

Dr. Porter said he didn’t know about Mr. Ben-Menashe’s past when he entered a business arrangement with him. He also wrote a letter of recommendation for Mr. Ben-Menashe on Privy Council Office stationery as banks moved to shutter the consultant’s accounts."
I'm not really sure what a quasi-fascist state needs with a spy watchdog anyway.

"Obama’s Influential Mideast Envoy to Resign"  Not a convincing resignation story.  The Jews are replacing him as head of the American government.  While he managed one of his jobs, ensuring that Middle East peace negotiations not occur on his watch, he was an abject failure on the other, tricking the stupid gentiles into fighting yet another War For The Jews against Iran.

"UNESCO Lodges Complaint Over Haaretz Cartoon"  The famous Jewish sense of humor strikes again.
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