Saturday, November 05, 2011

Iran is on everybody's mind

Much as I hate the lite-ness of Uri Avnery, he is amusingly - and, I must say, obviously - correct about the latest spate of 'Iran talk':  "Why Israel Will Not Attack Iran".  I'd worry when the Israelis are not making a big deal about it.  This recent outburst is the usual need for military dictatorships to talk about wars rather than face domestic problems, coupled with frustration at being snookered by Obama's clever 'terrorism' ruse.

And speaking of which:  "U.S. backs away from sanctions on Iran central bank".  The only American sanction that actually would have bothered Iran is off the table!

"Saudi monarchy founder assured UK on Palestine"  Some Saudi princes are Zionists, some aren't, but the history of Saudi Zionism goes back a long way, and it would be interesting to know if the division is based on family origin (i. e., is there a secret Jewish strain in the Saudi royals?).   In any event, the 'Arab Spring' revitalized the Saudi Zionists led by Prince Bandar.  The counter-revolution is clearly Zionist-inspired, and is showing up in all manner of disagreeable ways. 
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