Monday, November 21, 2011

So it always goes

It's funny how the elites always overreact when even the slightest criticism is pointed in their general direction, and overreact in a way that is against their own class interest. If they did nothing, ignored the protests and ordered their controlled media to censor information on the protests, they might buy themselves some time, but they cannot accept the tiniest criticism of their class position, and thus do exactly what would be required to make the protests grow quickly.  Of course, just like in, say, Egypt, the elites know they aren't prepared to throw the tiniest bone to the 99%, so there is nothing they can do to pretend to care (in fact, the plan is to divert even more money to the 1% from the 99%).  It helps that the police - not to mention the mayors, university presidents, and the like - always turn out to be subhuman buffoons, and can always be counted on to behave in a manner most likely to increase general outrage.

And so it always goes.  Relatively small protests, massive overreaction - and we haven't even begun to see the inevitable police murders of protesters yet - thus escalating the anger and increasing the number of active protesters, and so on.  As long as the anger and the source of the anger persists, the process is inevitable, and the lessons of history, even recent history, are completely lost on the elites and their buffoons.

Given how we know things work, can there be any doubt that the repression is orchestrated at the highest levels of government?  Why would the elites settle for anything less?  The 1% phone the guys at the top (of course!!!).  The Department of Homeland Security was set up with one purpose, and one purpose only, to foster Islamophobia in the United States so that Jews could kill people and steal their land in the Middle East.  However, once you set up an institution, and give it billions of dollars to do absolutely nothing useful, it needs to find a reason to justify its existence, and beating up 'hippies' fits the bill.  Obama-protecting notwithstanding, this is going to become more obvious as time goes on.
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