Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Drone intelligence

Damage control:  "Downed UAV Technology Already Dated"  No wonder they keep slaughtering innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan based on drone intelligence.

The Tablet, which used to be reasonable, seems to be moving to becoming an ultra-right supremacist rag.  Hiring the concentration camp guard, then getting a minor 'libertarian' - managing editor of Vice magazine!; classy! - to do a drive-by slurring of a moral and decent man.  Shameful.

"Former CIA Director's Death Raises Questions, Divides Family"  Funny way to kill yourself - which explains why suicide was ruled out - but I guess suicide is better than murder.  Based on the comments, the Huffington Post has more extreme right-wing readers than the Free Republic.

"Excerpt from Manuscript by Richard Bartholomew"  "Intellfirst" has been identified as Air Force Colonel Delk Simpson, a man with a great name.  I'd always be looking for conspiracy plotters in the group of high ranking, but disappointed in rank achieved, military and intelligence officials.
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