Friday, December 30, 2011

The electable independent party candidate

"Does anyone seriously believe Ron Paul is closer to the median voter than Barack Obama?"  Me.  I like Instaputz, but Barry's the guy slowly turning up the heat on the frogs in the water in the pot on the stove.  I believe a coalition of Republicans, anti-war independent voters, and fed up Democrats, all voting for a very flawed candidate - but one who breaks the Jewish/Military Industrial Complex fatal stranglehold on the United States - can beat Obama (and save the country).  In an odd way, Ron Paul is the electable independent party candidate that everybody keeps talking about but nobody can find.  Of course, if he gets the Republican nomination somebody will shoot him.

Niqnaq on Petras' politically correct version of 'anti-Semitism' (my emphasis in red):
"I have been re-reading this, and I am not really happy with Petras’ analysis. Here is a representative quotation:
There is no crime, however terrible and perverse, that Israel commits that will not be supported by the respectable professors, investment bankers, journalists, surgeons, policy advisers, real estate moguls, lawyers, schoolteachers, and other ordinary folk who make up the activist base of the Major Organisations (i.e. the 52 components of CPMAJO).
Now what is wrong with this? What is wrong with it is that it systematically and explicitly presents the nonsensical theory that a bunch of middle-class nerds can set US mid-East policy simply because of their Jewish commitment. Petras has already established that 60% of Democrat and 35% of Republican party funding comes from Jewish sources. But even this is not really enough to hit the nail on the head: what neither Petras nor anyone else except me, at least on the so-called ‘Left’, has dared to say is that any US government is existentially dependent on the Jewish bankers of the ‘Fed’ to keep printing worthless money to keep the country and its wars afloat. From his occasional references to ‘the economic crisis’, one could infer that Petras sees the Jewishness of the banking elite as quite unrelated to the problem of the US’ hysterical, totalitarian support for ‘Israel’. I on the other hand consider the ‘economic crisis’ to have been deliberately induced in order to establish totalitarian Jewish control over any prospective US governments, whatever their politics might be. I think Petras shows how a respectable Leftist can create what looks like a revelatory advanced position on the topic without actually moving a single inch closer to the solution (Petras is a university professor)."
The traditional right-wing attacks on the Federal Reserve are nonsense, but this conspiracy theory makes perfect sense.  Couple it with the fact that the Fed has intentionally managed the current crisis into an utter disaster in order to massively enrich the 1% (at the expense of actually fixing the problems), and I think it is time for a hanging party.  Without a hanging party, the United States, and much of the rest of the world, is doomed, and Ron Paul is the only guy who even knows what rope looks like.  Note how his isolationism and attacks on the Federal Reserve are connected.
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