Friday, December 02, 2011

Explosions and spy rings

Crazy days in the Middle East:
  1. "Exclusive: Israeli Military Intelligence Caused Massive Explosion in Hezbollah South Lebanon Arms Cache"
  2. the Israeli part of the story conclusively refuted by b
  3. Silverstein doubles down:  "Annals of Israeli Blacks Ops: Lebanon, Iran Continued" and "Israeli Intelligence All But Takes Credit for Isfahan Blast, Black Ops as Route to War"
  4. "Report: Mysterious blast in Iran's Isfahan damaged key nuclear site"
  5. an earlier incident, with more credit taken, from Debka:  "Suspicion in Iran that Stuxnet caused Revolutionary Guards base explosions"
  6. "Hezbollah Stumbles on Bumbling CIA Spy Rings" "Iran and Hezbollah Caught All the CIA Spies at Pizza Hut"
  7. "Iran delivers major blow to the CIA"

Silverstein appears to be a lite Zionist, but he is either working for Israeli extreme Zionist forces or has been duped by his sources, who have strung him along - and burnished his credibility - with a series of unimportant breaches of Israeli military censorship (which is silly in its strictness, but serves the purpose of shielding Bibi and the generals from certain embarrassing questions from the Israeli media).  Note how Silverstein claims to be against an attack on Iran - just like the concentration camp guard! - but yet continues to engage in 'Iran talk'.

As I have said before, fascist military dictatorships - of which Israel is the best example at this time, and perhaps ever - need either wars or talk of wars. They have been building up the supposed Iranian nuclear program, and yet are unable to do anything about it (or trick the Americans into doing anything about it).  Thus we are hearing lots of tall tales about the wonderful workings of Israeli intelligence to protect the Jewish people from yet another 'existential threat':  Stuxnet, blowing up things, killing nuclear scientists, etc.  It is likely the terrorism in Iran is the work of the MEK - the only official 'terrorist' organization that is treated in Washington as a government in exile! - which is based mainly in France and the US, and thus is likely being run by the CIA and/or French intelligence.  The Jews can't do things so they take credit for things done by others.  Some of these things simply didn't happen (it doesn't help that the sole source is usually an anonymous Israeli intelligence source, which gains credibility by being washed through various media outlets), some were accidents, and some were terrorist operations by a crazed religious cult.  No Jews anywhere.

In the meantime, Iran and Hezbollah improve their counterintelligence skills, which should in the long run reduce the atrocities perpetrated against Iran and Lebanon.
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