Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Asshole public intellectuals are dropping like flies.  Slavoj Žižek better watch out for lightning bolts.

Bless their tiny black hearts, but the folks at Debka are hinting that the anti-Semitic organization known as the CIA is helping its pals in the Iranian government.  One can only hope.

Greenwald is generally excellent, but he is Jewish, and thus incapable of telling the truth about certain key issues.  You have to read all Jewish writers, even the best ones, assuming they will lie about issues touching Jewish supremacism and the building of Anti-Assimilation Land.  They may have the best will in the world, but sadly, they just can't help themselves.

Sausage making news:  "Treasure Hunters' Lobbyists Rebuffed".  Very occasionally, the bad guys lose, but note the secret ways of lobbyists in making legislation.

"Cameron sacks 'foolish' MP who joined 'Hitler, Hitler, Hitler' stag it is revealed that he was the one who hired groom's Nazi uniform"  I think it is hilarious that he tried to save himself by writing a long letter of apology to The Jewish Chronicle and planning a visit to the theme park at Auschwitz.  Of course, there were British victims of Hitler, but who gives a fuck.

"Israel is incapable of taking on the settlers"  The concentration camp guard and Finkelstein are indistinguishable on the magically disappearing settler issue. 

"In blow to Israel, French BDS activists acquitted of crime in calling for boycott"  The latest Zionist trick is to use the courts to suppress objections to the Jewish land theft/murder program.

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