Monday, December 05, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

"Iceland's special prosecutor arrests former Glitnir CEO: media"  It is still not clear whether Iceland is on the right path or just more artfully scammed, but this is a good start.

"Iran captures ‘lost’ U.S. spy drone — the first remote hijacking?"  Of course, it probably just suffered a technical malfunction and crashed.  In any event, the Chinese and/or Russians should get a good look.

"Kristol accuses Obama of wanting the Jewish state to disappear"  This is panicky and shrill, even for Kristol.

"Israeli ministers prickle at Clinton critique"  Even stranger, and as the usual backdoor channels apparently aren't working, the American Jewish Billionaires had Hillary deliver a message to the Israeli right to turn the crazy down a notch.

"U.S. warns Palestinians: Stop leaking content of Quartet talks"  Palestinian leaks of their extremely reasonable positions are embarrassing the Americans:
"The Palestinians presented the Quartet with two documents relating to the borders of a future Palestinian state and security arrangements with Israel in November, but the Quartet told the Palestinians that the documents would not be passed to the Israelis, according to the official.

Quartet representatives told Saeb Erekat, head of the Palestinian negotiating team, that the proposals he presented were not relevant, because they had not been presented in direct talks with Israel, the official said.

“We continue to call for a direct exchange between the parties, starting with the preparatory meeting that leads to a presentation of proposals on territory and security. And that objective has not been met, but we're continuing to work towards that,” the official said.

The Americans have expressed displeasure with the Palestinians in part because of their refusal to engage in face-to-face talks with Israel. The Obama administration sees the Palestinian strategy of presenting proposals to the Quartet without engaging in direct talks as an attempt to change the rules of the game."
The Palestinians are refusing to play along with the Zionist/American farce that they are only allowed to participate in negotiations if they give up all negotiating points first.

"Nakba denial: ‘NYT’ removes the word ‘expulsion’ from article describing Palestinian refugees"   Sometimes the truth mistakenly appears, even where you would least expect it.

"More People Realizing That The FBI's 'Big Wins' Are In Stopping Its Own Made Up Terror Plots" FBI means 'Frame-ups Before Integrity'.

"Was there coordination between Homeland Security and police departments in clearing out Occupy encampments?"  Sensible.  Professional 'progressives' continue to quibble about this to a degree that seems out of proportion to the importance of the issue.  It reflects a much greater fear that OWS will deny Obama's reelection.  Next summer, the Republicans are going to try to portray the protesters as Commie hippies working for Obama.  At the same time, OWS might even turn into a Nader-like third party.  Say hello to President Newt.  Berry is vacuuming up so many millions of dollars from Wall Street for his reelection that the obligatory attempt by the professional 'progressives' to co-opt the movement is going to look silly.  Eventually - but maybe not in time to stop Obama's reelection - something has got to give.  The 'progressives' are shitting themselves over even a hint that Obama has been doing Wall Street's dirty work, as likely as it actually is.

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