Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Progressive Paul

"Why Ron Paul Should Win Primaries"

"The Empire Attacks Ron Paul"

The 'progressive' sites are starting to attack Paul with a fury.  He scares the shit out of them, as he is the only Republican candidate that can hand Obama a big loss.  A coalition of Republicans, independents, and anti-war/anti-Israel (anti-war and anti-Israel are exactly the same thing, and much, much, much more popular than the Jew-controlled media would have you believe, but have never had anyone to vote for!) Democrats would flatten Barry like a steam roller.

On issues outside of war, the war on drugs, and Israel, Paul's views are appalling.  However, as President, his nutty ideas are just ideas.  He can do little or nothing about them.  He can and would block all Wars For The Jews, the wars that are killing so many people and wrecking the United States.  For that reason alone, he is the obvious - and only - progressive choice. 

It is telling that the 'progressives for carpet-bombing' and the Republican establishment both oppose Paul because he might win.  Perhaps they should just form a united front and call themselves the War Party.
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