Thursday, December 01, 2011

Reducing the settlement

I've been thinking more about the high weirdness of the World Socialist Web Site taking such an interest in the civil rights of one of the most powerful members of the oppressive class, one who is almost certainly a serial sexual predator of the worst order who will continue to offend until he is stopped.  Their excuse:
"Strauss-Kahn is, of course, a representative of big business, no different from Sarkozy, Obama or any other capitalist politician in that respect. The warning to be made is that if such brutal treatment, and such a fabricated case, can be carried out against such an individual, what will the ruling elite prepare against individuals from the working class, who lack Strauss-Kahn’s access to millions of dollars and high-priced legal backing?"
is weak, almost comical. If they wanted to take up the problem of deprivation of civil rights on a case-by-case basis there are millions of much more deserving cases, many of them actually innocent, and of no further danger to society.  They've been using this bizarre excuse for some time now, and I suspect it has much more to do with the internal party politics of the French official 'left' than it has to do with using DSK as the poster boy for human rights.

DSK has much more serious and pressing legal problems in France, and I suspect his lawyers have told him he needs to clear up the civil suit in the US first.  The Epstein article is intended to reduce the amount he - or rather, his enabling wife - will have to pay to the victim in New York.  It is nice to know the 'socialists' are helping out.
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