Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Step one:  "Philadelphia DA dropping death penalty against Mumia Abu-Jamal in racially charged murder case"

Speaking of those wonderful police:  "My Occupy LA Arrest, by Patrick Meighan"  If government-paid thugs beat up the wrong guy, sometimes they get a cartoon editorial.

"Anti-Muslim Counterterrorism Training to Be Scrapped by Spring"  The explicitness of the hatred in these official training materials is wild.

"New Zealand losing its independence under Key"

"Venezuela Responds to "Slanderous" Accusations Made by Israel's Vice Prime Minister" (is the Vice Prime Mister responsible for Israeli vice?):
"Yaalon accused Venezuela of working with Iran to create a “terrorist infrastructure” in Latin America that could “attack the interests of the United States or in the United States,” during his visit to Uruguay this week."
"Lowe’s Pulls Advertising from Muslim Reality Show After Bigots Complain" My experience with Lowe's is that their marketing strategy is to charge at least 50% more than their competition for the same product.

"Iran shows intercepted CIA drone unscathed"  It would be most impressive if Iran managed this through computer hacking (which would explain why normal fail-safe destruction of the drone didn't occur).  The Jewish message taken from this incident, to paraphrase only slightly:  Jews have to slaughter innocent, completely non-threatening gentiles - once again - as the Americans are pussies.

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