Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Question:  If the Jews are using the Fed to blackmail the American government into fighting Wars For The Jews, why can't they force the Americans to attack Iran?  Answer:  The Jewish blackmail is to cut off the supply of money, thus causing total economic collapse.  Since the attack on Iran would also cause total economic collapse, the blackmail doesn't work.

"Did Nixon have a gay affair with a Mafia fixer? Forget Watergate. A new book claims America's most corrupt President hid a far more personal scandal..."

"Has one of America's most enduring mysteries been solved? Book claims Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa was buried in cement at General Motors' HQ"  A man who is buried in a lot of places.

"Theresa Ann Bier":
"Theresa Ann Bier of Fresno has not been seen since she and Russell "Skip" Welch, 43, reportedly became separated in the mountains after they had gone to look for Sasquatch, the legendary creature also known as Bigfoot. Welch was charged with abducting Theresa but the charge was later dismissed. Welch, a self-proclaimed student of Bigfoot, went camping with the girl in June near Shuteye Peak, about 25 miles northeast of Bass Lake, and was questioned by deputies when he returned without her. Welch's explanation was that Bigfoot had abducted her. Foul play is suspected."

Perhaps the all-time winner in promoting an alternative theory of the crime.
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