Friday, December 16, 2011

Some deaths are worth celebrating

It is funny that the monster Hitchens died at the same time that the monstrous war he called for came to an end.  With all the things he wrote, the only thing he will be remembered for is that he was a neocon hanger-on.  Pathetic.

By the way, remember how the attack on Iraq was supposed to be all about oil?  Oh, and then when that didn't make any sense, it became all about all those American military bases.  The Americans left all those bases behind.  It was a War For The Jews.  That is all it was.  Don't let the Jews bullshit you, especially when the bullshit is to fool you into yet another War For The Jews.

"NATO’s Lost Drone Had Its GPS System Hacked By Iranian Engineers"  The leak of this story leads me to think that the infiltration was much worse than that.

"The Military and Those Strange Threats to Obama"  He's doing exactly what they want, but they are setting up a trail of 'carelessness' that might be useful to explain a future slip-up should he ever decide, for once, to do the right thing.

Angry Arab on the Hezbollah drug bank story:  "Hizbullah in the New York Times: drugs and car salesman" and "Lebanese Canadian Bank and Hizbullah".  The story is written in the purest Judy Miller style.

"The "New Anti-Semitism" Smear Is Getting Old"  It has taken far too long, and cost too many lives and too much wealth, but the Number One trick of the Jews is finally starting to wear out.  Though I caution that this is a lite Zionist story floated, in part, to make you think the Jews can be trusted to solve their own problems.

"A Revolution Against Resistance?"  Syrian opposition leader announces that he, and the country he plans to lead, are 100% Jewslaves.  No, make that 110%.

"Banker’s Dozen"
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