Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some good conspiracies today

"This Is What The Government Told Gizmodo About Osama Bin Laden’s Body"  So either the US government took no records of bin Laden's body, or they are outright lying on a Freedom of Information Act request.  Of course, if bin Laden was taken alive to the American helicopter which promptly blew up, they wouldn't have any photos of bin Laden's body.  No need for a burial at sea, so no photos of it either.

"How Maliki and Iran Outsmarted the US on Troop Withdrawal"  I don't understand the 'outsmarted' part.  All the Iraqis did was remain steadfast in their insistence that the Americans leave.  Other countries should take note.

"Spoils of Iraq war evade US and UK"  Ha! War For The Jews, bitches!

"The Phantom Time Hypothesis"  My favorite conspiracy theory.  The response - with a list of supposedly outrageous conspiracy theories which embarrasses the writer and utterly wrecks his credibility - that the theory is Eurocentric and fails to take into account parallel time lines elsewhere, seems to miss the point.  No one is arguing that the time disappeared.  The argument is that the European time line was intentionally messed up.  Other time lines are irrelevant.  Unless you can come up with a Chinese traveller in Europe at the relevant time, whose own trip could be dated using the Chinese timeline, the existence of a consistent Chinese timeline - itself debatable - has nothing to do with the missing Dark Ages thesis.  With respect to Mohammed, you have to recalibrate the relevant dates based on the new European calendar.  Islam still had all the time it needed to spread.

"America.gov, Cognitive Infiltration, and Obama appointee Cass Sunstein"  The official American government position is that the conspiracy involved in the death of JFK, a conspiracy endorsed by a Senate committee, is a myth.
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