Tuesday, December 27, 2011

They're baaaaaack

My video driver has been acting up, and I've been in the malls, which explains the lack of posting.  Speaking of the malls . . .


"Canada: Israelis arrested for illegal work"

"Alleged illegal workers caught in Ottawa, Gatineau"

"15 Israelis arrested in Gatineau"

"Accused ringleader of illegal workers in court"

"Illegal workers told to leave Canada this weekend"

"Suspected illegal workers arrested in Halifax" - note the stress on the exploitation of the poor workers (haven't they suffered enough?).

"Immigration sweep leads to 11th arrest in Halifax"

"Illegal Israeli Sales Agents (?) Arrested In Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada"

Two cells, one in Halifax - lots of NATO activity - and one in Gatineau, presumably ripping off/spying on Ottawa.

As far as I can tell, this has not been reported in any Jew-controlled media in Canada, just by the 'anti-Semites' at the CBC and the independent Chronicle Herald, and by the Swedish-owned Metro free papers.  Considering the control Tel Aviv has over Harper, the arrests must have been a slip-up, part of the big anti-immigrant PR operation the Conservatives are working on (appealing to their 'base').  Someone forgot to tell the Immigration thugs that illegal Israeli immigrants are off-limits.

I had seen the heating pad booths, but didn't think anything of them except for noticing it was quite the rip-off (I used to see the booths selling junk like foam paper airplanes which were set up at local country fairs, presumably to steal dairy cow genetics, which is big around here).   I note that I saw a heating pad booth after the arrests, so the rip off/intelligence operation is still running.

This combination of rip-off consumer sales operations (door-to-door art dealers, moving companies, locksmiths, and now heating pads) and espionage operations is unique to Israel.  From time to time gangs of pickpockets visit Canada from South America, and are always clearly identified by the media by which country they come from.  The Jews carefully protect their own when the criminal gangs are from Israel, and are also spies, so the gangs are never identified, and can continue to attack Canadians.
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