Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"30 Major U.S. Corporations Paid More to Lobby Congress Than Income Taxes, 2008-2010"  Cheaper to pay lobbyists than taxes.

"He still teaches, students still squirm":  “It makes me uncomfortable to know that he believes this.  When I found out, I found it really hard to pay attention to what he was saying.”  and:  “How can someone so educated be so ignorant about something?”

"Western society complicit: Resurgence in antisemitism may lead to second Holocaust, Steyn says" 

"'A toast to the Third Reich!' Oxford-educated louts 'face prosecution' for dressing as Nazi and taunting French waiter... while Tory MP looked on"  "Tory MP Aidan Burley ‘extremely sorry’ over Nazi themed stag party"  What is it about the British 1% and Nazi role playing?

 Lowe's issued a version of the classic non-apology apology, you know, "We're sorry if some terrible failure in some of you caused you to feel unhappy at our perfectly reasonable actions".  Boycott!

Four more postings on the massacre at El Mozote from Tim's El Salvador Blog:
  1. El Mozote - Seeking Justice in Spite of the Amnesty Law
  2. El Mozote -- Funes meets with victims' families
  3. El Mozote -- the rebirth of hope
  4. El Mozote -- the victims
  5. El Mozote -- 30th anniversary commemoration.
Somebody - I wonder who? - is hiding the truth:  "The Saudi Arab Spring Nobody Noticed"  Must be a conspiracy of all those Saudi princes who own/control all the major American media outlets.

The quiet intellectual revolt:  "'A dark wind is blowing through the country' Tsipi Livni" 

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