Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I have to say I'm enjoying the American government's series of lies concerning their missing drone:  "CIA, NATO Lied to Press About Lost Drone".  The Washington Post did its usual outstanding job at retyping the CIA's blather.  The first two comments to the retyping job, by 'MarkThomason':
"The head fake is aimed at us, the American electorate. The Iranians know. We are the ones being lied to."
"To clarify, the Iranians know what they have. They know how they got it. That is what all of the head fake was about--only things the Iranians already knew, by definition--what they had and what they did to get it. "
"Israel Stole Uranium from U.S., Report Will Show" Old story, but topical given the American government's obsession with somebody's Middle East nuclear program:
"Smith said the question of whether highly enriched uranium was diverted from Numec to Israel is all the more relevant now in view of current U.S. efforts to halt Iran’s nuclear program.

“Why are we looking at nuclear weapons? Probably the biggest question that’s being asked in this town [Washington] right now is whether to get even more heavily involved in trying to suppress Iran’s nuclear program. And we think it’s extremely valuable to get the truth out about U.S. collaboration, intentional or not, in Israel’s program,” Smith said.
"Resilience of the Syrian regime" Also, you don't risk your life for a chance at a much worse outcome. Libya, and even perhaps Egypt, are models of the probable future which everyone in Syria can see.

I'm wondering if an outside attack on Syria - a country which, unlike all recent victims of American aggression, can defend itself - is just what Assad needs to pull his country back together against a common enemy.

The El Mozote massacre
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