Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flying slaves

"The Love Trapezoid" by David R. Kotok:
"If you can take your eyes off the primary election coverage, watch Geithner. The US is engaged in a love trapezoid. The four corners are Beijing, Teheran, Tokyo, and Washington. Treasury Secretary Geithner is the Obama Administration’s front person. Track the news for the names of the other agents.
This is a very serious time. The pieces are linked. Some bullets as you watch the news flow.
1. The US faces the pressure of follow-through on Iran sanctions. Iran is an exporter of oil to Asia. Japan is dependent on imported oil. China is not self-sufficient. One part of this trapezoidal geometry is about oil.
2. Iran is feeling the heat from sanctions. The US wants to tighten them. It cannot do so without help from Asian “friends.”
3. China and Japan are each buyers of US Treasury securities. They each help finance the American fiscal deficit and the ongoing current-account deficits. They each want to diversify their reserves. They are not sellers, but they are reluctant additional buyers. This is truer for China than for Japan, but it is true in both cases.
4. China is glacially proceeding toward world reserve-currency status. It gradually allows its currency to strengthen against the dollar. It follows a policy that is fully rational for the Beijing oligarchs. It shrugs off political threats from Washington politicians (Schumer, Graham) who love to bash China while talking to their American constituents. China understands our political processes and our weaknesses. However, China also understands “realpolitik” and uses it. They learned US use of realpolitik from Nixon and Kissinger. Expect them to smile publicly but put some very intense private heat on Geithner.
5. Japan faces enormous economic pressure and sees the yen strength as now threatening. In order to weaken the yen, it must acquire other currency holdings in large quantity. (See the Cumberland website,, for G4 central bank charts, and flip to those on the Bank of Japan. You will be able to observe how Japan expanded its balance sheet several years ago and subsequently contracted it. We expect them to expand it in 2012 as they seek to arrest yen strength.)
6. Japan is negotiating with China so that it may acquire reserve debt instruments denominated in Chinese currency. Beijing likes this because it is a step toward achieving world reserve-currency status. Geithner now worries, because the trend points toward a gradual and long-term weakening of the US position, as the world’s second (China) and third (Japan) largest economies maneuver their global positions.
7. Our Asian friends know that the US election cycle creates maximum vulnerability for the United States. That also makes circumstances more dangerous and raises risk profiles. Europe is of no help to us, given its internal crises.
We recall that a three-legged stool is a stable form. A four-legged stool is less stable. A four-legged stool with a trapezoidal top is least stable. Especially when one of the legs is Iran.
Watch Geithner in Asia and the news flow. Read between the lines, since the public statements will all be scripted and self-serving. Risk is high. Also, stay overweight energy. We are."
"Poll: Among GOP hopefuls, Romney fares best against Obama" Headline notwithstanding, Paul and Romney are in a virtual dead heat, and either could beat Barry (my emphasis in red):
"Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney holds a two-point lead against President Obama in a potential general election matchup, according to a new CBS News poll.
The survey found that Romney is the only GOP candidate to hold a lead over the president in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup, though Texas Rep. Ron Paul trails by just one point.
Both Romney's lead over Mr. Obama - 47 percent to 45 percent - and Mr. Obama's lead over Paul - 46 percent to 45 percent - are within the survey's three percentage point margin of error."
"Book excerpt–Michael Ignatieff: The Lesser Evil?":
"Though certainly not on the same scale as the mass emigrations, ethnic cleansing, and pogroms of 19th-century Russia, the “extraordinary” measures that Michael Ignatieff would endorse post-9/11 were as intrinsically linked to Islamophobia as his great-grandfather’s were to anti-Semitism."
"Who Wants to Buy The New Republic?"  No longer useful to stir up Wars For The Jews.

"Anti-Muslim slurs aimed at 2nd Gatineau mosque"

"Illegal workers ordered out of country" Comment by PraiseAlfie11 directed to the reporter:

You are SO close to a major story. Trace all those companies back to the people behind them.

These people are in every shopping centre I have been to, be it in MTL, Ottawa or Toronto."
and by Just_saying101:
"I had somebody put some of that "Dead Sea" cream on my arm at Carlingwood Mall and I broke out in a rash.  It's Biological Warfare..........just saying.... "
and by Kim Smith:
"They are all TERRORIST spies from the fascist theocracy of Apartheid israel. They should all be shot dead for compromising Canadian and U.S. national security just as Oslama Bin Obama has American citizens killed without charge, trial or DUE PROCESS!"
"Ron Paul: the Venn diagram" (originally from a source, Mother Jones, I try not to link to)

"All Of Area Man's Hard Work Finally Pays Off For Employer" and "I Thought We'd Have Flying Slaves By Now" (by George Washington)
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