Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

Obama and other American politicians need Jewish Billionaire money to win elections.  Of course, the money comes with onerous conditions, including bowing down to Israel (in an embarrassing way) and fighting Wars For The Jews.  The bottom line is that the money is needed to win elections.  If one of the onerous conditions, say attacking Iran, was to triple gas prices in the United States, completely negating even the slightest possibility of reelection for a sitting President, the money is useless and can no longer be used to manipulate the President.  Thus, the limits of Jewish power.  Since Israel can't attack Iran, and the United States can't be forced to attack Iran through money control of its President, we enter the danger zone of an Israeli false flag attack on the United States in order to trick Americans into attacking Iran.

Of course, what the Jewish Billionaires received as the consolation prize will end up destroying the United States almost as quickly:  "Iran sanctions backlash– oil buyers ditch dollar"

'The machine' in Egypt:
"Egyptians were infected by the idea of overthrowing their dictator.
And now, these researchers claim, they’re getting close to developing tools that can track the spread of infections like these.
With funding from the Office of Naval Research, a team at Aptima, Inc. is developing software that’d do more than just scan Twitter for trending topics. Instead, it’d mine the web, including news stories, social networks and blogs, to extract topics and phrases that are gaining traction online. Then, the software would keep tabs on how the conversations proliferate, both geographically and over time.
The software would use epidemiological modeling to chart the discussions and their trajectory. It’s a strategy often used in public health initiatives to figure out where an illness started, and how it spread: Epidemiologists use collections of data to make educated guesses about causality; which health and environmental factors, for example, contributed to an outbreak in a given community.
Applied to online discourse, epidemiological models would essentially treat uprisings like illnesses. They’d pull apart a web conversation (the author of the post, the site where it was published, the comments that ensued) and try to figure out which parts contributed most readily to the spread of a revolutionary message"
Democracy is an illness, and the Pentagon has the cure.

Why would Elliot Abrams be accusing Sheldon Adelson's best pal Newt of blasphemy?

"How A Rabbinic Ban On Bugs May Have Led To The Creation Of Christianity"

The unspeakable horror.
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