Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I consider it a form of pleasure.

"Christmas in the Radiation Zone"  It is depressing that Japan, the one place in the world you would think would be equipped to deal with a nuclear disaster, has given up.  "Local Japan official found with shotgun blast to chest — Lectured against nuclear power after Fukushima"  Experiment:  get in a car behind the steering wheel with an unloaded shotgun, and try to shoot yourself in the chest in such a way that the shotgun ends up outside the car.

"Coastal villages in Nigeria protest as crude oil washes ashore"  "Fishing Suspended in Nigeria As Cleanup After Offshore Shell Spill Continues"  Shell refuses to help.

"Border Police train Israeli teens to detain illegal Palestinian workers":  "I consider it a form of pleasure. It simply provides me with values, and I love the action."  Apparently a traditional hobby of Jewish children.

"Sheldon Adelson: The Deep Pockets Behind Newt Gingrich"  Why is Adelson throwing money away on a hopeless cause?

"So Who Is Behind The Ron Paul Attacks?"  Neocon warmongers - Foundation for Defense of Democracies - don't like Ron Paul.

"Flatbush Jewish Journal Clips Sun, Moon"
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