Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Koch-Paul conspiracy

"Former Gaddafi stronghold rejects Libyan government's authority"  There is no reason to believe that this 'revolution' created by carpet bombing and NATO troops in Tripoli would hold once NATO stepped away.

"Why was MegaUpload really shut down?"  Jewish Billionaires don't like competition and control the American government so  . . .

"A Forward Strategy of Freedom"  "Yes, you can be a neoconservative, and still be wrong"

"Oil embargo on Iran a conundrum for Europe"  The Freezing-In-The-Dark-For-The-Jews strategy of European leaders.

"Which side are you on, Ron? Part 1"  The big smoking-gun evidence that Ron Paul is just a front for the Koch Brothers . . . Ron Paul was once at an event at which David Koch gave a speech!  Hell, they are also both old white American men.  Isn't that proof enough of the Koch-Paul conspiracy?

"Why Does Mitt Romney Want to Keep His Tax Returns From the Bain Years Under Wraps?"  Mitt has to keep his taxes hidden not just for himself, but for his whole class, the 1%.

Headline of the week:  "UNESCO Removes Neo-Nazi Dance from Intangible Cultural Heritage List"  When I read the headline all sorts of bizarre thoughts occurred to me - what does a 'neo-Nazi dance' look like?  does it involve goose stepping? how the hell did it get on a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List? - but the content of the article is equally weird.
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