Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

"The Pirate Bay Press Release On SOPA: We Are The New Hollywood"  I suppose you've noticed that 'Hollywood' is a euphemism for the Jewish Billionaires.  We seem to be in a kind of death match with the Jewish Billionaires, both with respect to their over-grasping and their tricking us into fighting their immoral wars.  The anti-SOPA protest was successful because the tech companies, who were hoping to make money by drafting on the greed of the Jewish Billionaires, were embarrassed into grudgingly supporting freedom.

The comment by robjoe:
"Jeffrey Goldberg :

"This doesn't mean that I didn't, as a soldier, refuse orders, except those orders I found to be illegal and/or immoral (there's a wider berth for this in the Israeli army."

English isn`t my first language. Is he saying that he refused orders, except those he found to be illegal or immoral?"
English is my first language, but I can't make any sense of it either. It is quite a piece of work to come from a professional writer.  There is at least a triple negative, and perhaps a quadruple negative.  It does seem to say that he refused all orders except those he found to be illegal or immoral.  This makes perfect sense, as all orders from the IDF, by definition, are both illegal and immoral.

"Murdoch's Homeland"  Extremely well done ultra-ultra-ultra-Zionist propaganda.  I recommend it highly (in the conspiracy line, I also like Person of Interest, which is coming into its own by piling up multiple layers of paranoia, and we know governments are already using 'the Machine', although it doesn't yet work except to frame innocent Muslims).  Well done, as the 'terrorist' is depicted as a sympathetic character with justified motives, and the CIA agents trying to stop him are depicted as both completely evil and completely incompetent.  Nevertheless, at the end of the program viewers are left with a completely Islamophobic message.  Unusual subtlety from the Jews, who are not usually subtle (interesting forensic sociology here:  "From day one, cops didn't believe that it was an anti-Semitic incident because you never see Swastikas and KKK signs together")!

Hitler takes down yet another politician.
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