Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Permitted speech

More news on the progress of  'the Machine', this time about the British visitors to the United States who were arrested and deported for some previous joking tweets:
"If the story is true (and, given that it comes from the Daily Mail, which never lets the facts get in the way of marshalling popular outrage, that is a considerable 'if'), it implies two things:
  1. The US border control agency (not the CIA or NSA or some other super-elite agency that hunts threats through the shadows, but the guys who scan passports) has a feed of intelligence gathered from the public Twitter feeds of anyone seeking to enter the US (and possibly other social media connected to their identities). This has a number of implications: where does the data come from? Is it just what is publicly linked to the poster's profile online, or does it come from clandestine sources (i.e., a list of user-generated content sites posted to from the visitor's home internet connection, as hoovered up by ECHELON)? Is there some NSA supercomputer quietly building up profiles on several billion internet users, with parts of these being sent to border security if some other part of the surveillance apparatus detects a keyphrase (say, the words "destroy America") in a feed linked to a particular individual?
  2. Given the nature of the tweet (which any reasonable person, had they overheard it in a pub, would conclude was a joke), it implies that, as far as the US Department of Homeland Security is concerned, the entire internet is an airport security zone, where joking about, say, carrying bombs or even an absurdity such as destroying America (how exactly would one go about accomplishing this?) is a punishable offence. There is a reason why joking about bombs at airport security screening lines is prohibited; namely that constraining the allowed range of behaviours whilst passing through a security checkpoint allows the checkpoint to operate. This rationale doesn't extend to applying the same rules to any idle banter uttered by a traveller within earshot of electronic intelligence gathering apparatus, and immediately punishing wisecracks."
They've developed a cover story to protect 'the Machine', as we're not supposed to know about it until the enslavement is complete.

In case you haven't noticed, the Jews are discussing amongst themselves which terms gentiles will be allowed to use in referring to Jews, and have issued an order that 'Israel-firster' is off the permitted list (luckily for us, 'the most wonderful group of people in the universe' is still allowed).  I'm not too put out on this restriction in my vocabulary, as the term 'Israel-firster' is highly inaccurate - as there is no second loyalty - and I already have the replacement term 'treasonous motherfucker'.  I think it is truly wonderful that the chief arbiter of gentile-permitted speech, and in particular the term 'Israel-firster', is Jeffrey Goldberg, a man whose first adult act as an American was to go and join the army . . . of Israel.  Who better to decide how the other 98% will be permitted to speak?

"because policing the discourse is punk rock":
"All of this happens for a purpose: to make it clear to anyone who might have a moral conviction about Israel's treatment of the Palestinians scared to talk about it. I know many people who have political stances on everything, and voice them without regard or fear, on questions of race, abortion, poverty, Afghanistan, gay rights, health care.... But about Israel, they won't speak. It has simply been drummed into their heads, by people like Spencer Ackerman, that this is no-go territory for them. They are mostly gentiles, as I am, and they know that speaking on this issue could easily result in accusations of anti-Semitism. So they shut up. And here comes Spencer Ackerman, and his red-baiting essay, and the predictable Hitler graphic. And so the task of pressuring "a recalcitrant Israel to come to its senses, especially about the insanity of attacking Iran" just becomes harder."

As pointed out here before, Jews don't fear violence or hate from the gentiles, they fear love.  They need to stop the only real threat to the group, assimilation.  Thus, the need for a place where there are only Jews.  It may even be worse.  Treason may be the only thing holding American Jewish identity together.
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