Monday, January 16, 2012

The posting about masquerades

The joint Israeli-Jewslave military exercise in Anti-Assimilation Land has been 'postponed' due to 'budgetary constraints'.  As we all know, the Jews and their American Jewslaves are famously frugal over spending American money on military matters!  It looks like the Pentagon is straining at the shackles, a little.  We can't forget that an attack on Iran would wreck the United States (and what's with putting three aircraft carriers in line to be sunk?).

"Is The "False Flag" Piece A False Flag?"  Does it really matter if the Jews did it, or their American Jewslaves under direct Jewmaster orders?  The Americans have absolutely no national interest in blowing up Iranian scientists.

"New York Times In Panic Over ‘Facts’"  The spirit of Judy Miller lives on.  Just keep retyping the propaganda, and don't ask any questions.

This is either Jack Lew's signature, or his method of evoking the Golem (or both).

"Ron Paul Debate Flushes Out Gender-Baiting Right Wing Opportunists Masquerading as Progressives" (with useful outing of Raw Story):
"It should not be controversial to point out that the Democratic party uses identity politics as a cover for its policy of selling out the middle class to banks and big corporate interests, just on a slower and stealthier basis than the right. And we’ve seen the identity card used in a remarkably dishonest manner in this Ron Paul contretemps."
Comment to the above article by 'Marianne':
"In casual conversation, friends have labeled me a 'progressive'. I am white and female.

I would vote for Ron Paul over any other Republican or Democrat currently in the field today. On some issues, I think RP is an absolute loon, but I look at his positions in totality, and I can say he’s a loon with principals. I suspect he is a homophobe. I find his opinions on abortion hypocritical when compared with his views on liberty and self determination.

But in the days of mass incarceration, private run prisons, the stripping of US citizens of their citizenship (new measure just introduced by Lieberman), endless wars on drugs & other flavors of the day, the killing of US citizens abroad without due process, the possibility of indefinite detention of US citizens, creeping police brutality as battlefield urban warfare techniques come back home to be used in US cities, he is the /only/ candidate to speak to these issues. And he’s the only candidate I agree with.

I will hold my nose, vote for him, and ignore his likely homophobia and my disagreement with his views on a woman’s liberty to choose her medical care."

Progressive obsession with some of the craziest of Paul's ideas intentionally - and in extreme bad faith - neglects to mention that most of his ideas require constitutional amendments he will never get.

" – Your Best Source for Antiwar News?"  Speaking of outing, the warmongering of Antiwar.  The comment by altheo on Global Research is also spot on - Global Research is constantly using Chomskyesque bullshit about American Imperialism to cover for Zionism (watch out for anything that refers to alleged American plans and uses the word 'encircling', a word which might as well be a Jewish war prayer).  Note that the comments - well, except for the ones trying to throw up obfuscating smoke  - very carefully work around the problem that all or almost all of these warmongering offenders happen to be Jewish and Zionist.  It would be very odd if the big conspiracy didn't try to infiltrate all obstacles, especially where the infiltration can be masked by a rather gaudy anti-Zionist front.

"Bohemian Grove Toy Set"
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