Friday, January 13, 2012

The terrorist attacks in Iran

Iran needs to get in front of these terrorist attacks against nuclear physicists.  The attacks are always made using two people on a motorcycle attaching the bomb to the car with magnets.  The terrorists obviously know whose car to attack, and the movements of that car.  They must have insiders at the universities where the physicists work to associate each targeted physicist with a particular vehicle, and are trailing the cars from the universities.  In order to catch the terrorists, Iranian authorities will have to start covertly following these cars themselves (they may even consider dummy cars).  All they need to do is catch one pair of terrorists to break the terrorist network and determine who is behind the attacks.

My guess:  MEK being run by the CIA, working for their Jewish masters to create the idea that there must be a nuclear bomb program or else there would be no reason to kill all these scientists and passersby.
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