Monday, January 23, 2012

What happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas

Alexander Cockburn writing about Sheldon Adelson's financing of Newt Gingrich:
"Some things don’t change in American politics, and rich people sitting in Las Vegas with pots of cash is one of them. Joel McCleary, a friend, remembers fund-raising in Las Vegas when he was working for the Jimmy Carter campaign in 1976. The crucial Pennsylvania primary was coming up and the Carter people (their chief fundraiser was Morris Dees) needed a big wad of cash  for the final push against Henry “Scoop” Jackson of Washington,  known as “the senator from Boeing,” also running for the Democratic nomination and favored by powerful labor chieftains in Pennsylvania.
Joel was told the go-to guy for untraceable campaign cash was Hank Greenspun, publisher of the Las Vegas Sun. Greenspun was a notoriously tough egg, former gun-runner for the Haganah, the man who, in the midst of the Cold War witch hunts, outed Senator Joe McCarthy in the Sun as a homosexual. Joel was told to act manly. Greenspun duly received him in his office. “Why the hell  should I get money for Jimmy Carter?” he asked.
“Because Jimmy Carter is going to be president,” Joel answered boldly, “and if you don’t support his campaign he’ll fuck you.”
Greenspun told Joel to come back in two hours. He returned to find Greenspan sitting at a table surrounded  by other toughs. In the middle of the table was a paper bag. “So the Baptist fuck wants money,” Greenspun growled, as he pushed the bag over to Joel. “Remember, this comes from the state of Israel. Don’t you ever forget it"
There is a thread at JFK Lancer on Breck Wall, who worked in Jack Ruby's club and met with David Ferrie in Galveston the day after the assassination.  Posting by Russ Tarby (my emphasis in red):
"entertainer Breck Wall died Nov. 15, 2010, in Las Vegas,
after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer's disease.

We may never know what he was really doing in Galveston on Nov. 23, 1963...pity...

we DO know that by 1964, he had his partner, Joe Peterson, had earned decent gigs in Vegas with their show "Bottoms Up,"
and later appeared on national television on "Hollywood Palace" variety show.

despite it's low-class nature and decidedly mediocre performers,
"Bottoms Up" continued running in one form or another in Sin City for more than four decades. Curious...
Russ Tarby"
Forty years of gigs for keeping your mouth shut.
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