Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Syria has made a curious transition from US ally to violator of human rights"

"Another March to War?"  Taibbi's piece is a waste of time, but he can't help himself and includes a completely gratuitous and inaccurate attack on the President of Iran, for which the Information Clearing House commentators justifiably tear him a new one.  With the truly spectacular failure of the Mossad false flag attacks, the Jews have lost their only weapon, and I would say we are as far from an attack on Iran as we have been in a while (the chance has always fluttered around zero).

Consolation prize for Jewish Billionaires?:  "Is Pollard About To Get Out Of Prison?"

"Iran Sanctions Push Oil Prices Into Recession Territory"  Cutting off Britain and France was a brilliant move.  It won't cost Iran anything, and will put other traitorous European politicians, their pockets bulging with shekels, on notice.

"Obama's Jewish Mega-Bundlers"  Let's just pretend we didn't read this.

"Climate scientist Peter Gleick admits he leaked Heartland Institute documents"  Watch Heartland, with the able assistance of the mainstream media, change the subject away from Heartland's own wrongdoing.

"FBI Foils Magical Make-Believe D.C. Suicide Bomb Plot"  The FBI continues its program to jail all slightly dim and gullible Muslim males in the United States.

"The State of US Hegemony:  UN General Assembly Resolution on Syria, 16.02.12"  History in tweets.  You can bet that some countries voting 'for' are going to be victims of similar attacks in the future.

"Humans are 'naturally nice'"  Peter Kropotkin rules!  It seems that almost all of us are nice, except for the ones who end up running things, and we make progress to the extent we can block the bad guys from doing what they want to do.
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