Thursday, February 23, 2012


"It's the gentile who are to be ashamed for noticing."  Just imagine how many people are dead or brutalized, or will be dead or brutalized, because of our shameful averting of the eyes.

Another 'family values' hypocrite who likes gross infringement of privacy unless it is his own very dirty linen that is being aired:  "Vic Toews Apparently Not A Fan Of Others Seeing His Personal Data"

Consolation prize news:  "More Jonathan Pollard Shenanigans"  I can hear Obama announcing it at the AIPAC conference, to a ten minute standing ovation..

The saintly whistleblower who was fed up with the lies is attacked, and the vilest of earth-destroying liars gets off scot-free.  Holy fuck!  Heartland is destroying the world for money, the only way to show this is a tiny deception, and the whistleblower is the bad guy?  Slight retraction by the monster at the New York Times, whose moral compass is so skewed he could only be working for the New York Times.  In what kind of moral universe is making a small deception about identity - a moral irrelevancy - the issue, and taking cash to lie humanity to extinction irrelevant?  If we can't lie to find the truth about crimes we'll have to roll up all our police departments.  Peter Gleick should immediately receive all rewards given for environmentalism, and the Nobel Peace Prize (most wars in the future will be caused by the screwing up of climate caused by liars like Heartland).  Gleick's actions were not 'a serious lapse of my own and professional judgment and ethics', they were the only moral choice open to a man faced with absolute evil.  Andrew Revkin's reputation and credibility - not that he had any - are in ruins and destroyed.

By the way, what possible crime could Gleick have committed?  It is up to Heartland to keep control of its own documents, which would include not sending them out to whoever asks for them. Is impersonating a psychopath a crime?

Now it appears that the two French journalists were killed, not by mortar rounds (the initial reports, all written in the passive tense to hide who did it, but with the implication it was by the Syrian government), but by rocket-propelled grenades (more likely by the resistance).  False flags fly everywhere.  Circs v unclear.  I'll say.  Do you think Anthony Shadid actually died of an asthma attack?

You have to read carefully: it is called Hide My Ass, not Hide Your Ass.  It may be that all these anonymity protectors are just law enforcement honeypots.
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