Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why the Arab League monitors had to get out of Syria in such a hurry:  "Independent Report Contradicts Western Portrait of Syria"  Added (via Angry Arab):  "The observer Ahmed Manaï “The Arab League has buried the observers report on Syria”"

"The Western Logic Of Intervention In Syria"

Walt:  "Will victory in Libya cause defeat in Syria?"  Leaving aside the fact that there was no 'victory' for Americans in that or any other War For The Jews, American gross misuse of the Libyan resolution led directly to the China/Russia veto of the Syrian resolution.

"Wikileaks: US government: 'We should coordinate with the Saudis & Egyptians to undermine a stronger Assad!'"  From late 2006.

"Asma Assad Condemns the Slaughter of Arabs"  It is a bit rich for an Israel-firster to attempt to play the hypocrisy card regarding the bombing of Arabs!

"UN's Syria Vote: Kings and Ex-Colonial Powers “Championing” Democracy"

"The Most Consequential News From the Middle East Today"  Iran can easily bomb the only pipeline crossing Saudi Arabia, and completely shut off the Strait of Hormuz, at which point it is irrelevant how much oil the Saudis can extract.  Of course, the concentration camp guard's job is to continue to fool Americans into building Anti-Assimilation Land, so the economic devastation - and I mean DEVASTATION - caused to the West by this War For The Jews must be hidden.

"Report: Talks Ongoing to Free 49 Turkish Officers Held in Syria"  They must have been using the same brand of compass that those Mossad students who entered Iran were using.

"Oil industry sees China winning, West losing from Iran sanctions"  "Iran Sanction Bill Exempts BP Project"

"Prosecutors rebut jailed RFK assassin's claims in freedom quest":
"Harris, who is asking a federal court in Los Angeles to dismiss Sirhan's request, conceded in court papers filed Wednesday that his lawyers may be able to show two guns were involved in Kennedy's assassination.

. . .

Harris said Sirhan is relying on acoustic expert Philip Van Praag's analysis of a tape recording of the Kennedy shooting that concludes 13 shots were fired during the murder and 'demonstrates the existence of a second shooter because (Sirhan) only fired eight shots.'"
"FRB Hand Signals" They missed Ben's signal for blackmailing the Americans into fighting Wars For The Jews by threatening to stop printing money.
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