Friday, March 09, 2012

2012 or 1984?

A large part of the brilliance and importance and power of Atzmon is that he is a true radical shit disturber who forces the powerful to put their cards on the table, cards that they would normally keep hidden.

"Atzmon slagged"

Note how lousy this is, almost entirely guilt by association with other people who the Jews have determined are bad.  It is an intellectual embarrassment (explained by the fact they had to do it in a hurry, as if they hadn't been making up arguments against Atzmon for years).  Everybody who signed it - and the list is very useful in any chaff-separating exercise - should be ashamed of themselves, if only for the complete lack of intellectual rigor.  The argument that Atzmon's guilt by association somehow contaminates the Palestinian position is simply preposterous.  This attack is the powerful trying to preserve power by keeping ideas away from the larger mass of people.  There is a long and very sordid history of it.

As I keep saying around here, the one thing we seem to have trouble with is understanding power.  The Jews have amassed so much power that they even control how we think about them (and certainly how we talk or write about them, of which the constant slagging is just a small part).  Bibi went to Washington.  The massive issue staring everybody in the face was the plight of the Palestinians.  All anybody talked about was Iran!  An issue which has been entirely made up by the Jews for very bad reasons, horrible really, beneath contempt.  It is simply amazing that people pretend to be worried about Atzmon's contamination of the Palestinian cause when there is no Palestinian cause.  The Jews simply caused it to vanish, willed it into the ether.

All we hear is 'anti-Semite', self-hating Jew', 'Israel-firster', 'Holocaust', "Holocaust deniers' (note the shameful sentence from the slagging that is supposed to ring all the bells:  "It should not be surprising that Atzmon has distributed articles defending Holocaust deniers and those who write of 'the Hitler we loved and why.'", when of course the only 'free speech' is the kind we're allowed to have), 'Auschwitz', 'Hitler' (wtf does he have to do with anything, but he pops up all the time?).  We're controlled in every way that we write, talk, or think.  When we face the Unmitigated Evil - Unmitigated Evil which is supported, to one degree or another, by almost all people who self-identify as Jews (those who don't support it have almost all voted with their feet and self-identify as something other than Jews) - which is what Israel has always been and always will be, we're not even allowed the tiniest place in the corner of our hearts for moral resistance. It is fucking outrageous.  The colonialism is in the way we're allowed to think.  The thought control has to stop.

Think of the Greek people.  Many say they brought their current financial plight upon themselves (fecklessness, laziness, whatever).  Many differ.  Nowhere do I see the kind of meta-debate about whether it is permissible to even discuss the issue.  So I can say what I want about the Greeks, but there is a group so powerful it insists on, and gets, an absolute veto on how it is discussed  (or even whether it is discussed)?

How did the Jews amass so much power they even control the way we think about their power and how they use it?  That's the interesting question.  It is an amazing accomplishment, so amazing one would think it would be the subject of much intellectual debate.  It is one of the most interesting questions of our time, with massive implications in terms of general political control.  Of course, we're not allowed to ask it, or even think about it.  Atzmon has some theories.  He touches the third rail in a way that might cause some people to think, and thus needs to be harried out of existence.  Atzmon has created a kind of political theater, the reaction to which proves the larger point.

Theoretically, what if a group of people who think of themselves as distinguished from the larger group of human beings acted in concert, often covertly, to accomplish group supremacist goals, all of which are completely evil?  What if they were able to use their power, and their covert exercise of power, to control even the way we think about them?  What would we, could we, should we, do to stop them?

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