Sunday, April 29, 2012

Amazing or not?

"Ex-Chief: CIA Investigation Could Be Construed as Anti-Semitic"  This isn't amazing.  You can see how difficult it might be to root out a particular type of traitor when even talking about it is forbidden.

"Reserve Bank's Holocaust denier"  This is amazing.

"Canadian among accused in Holocaust survivor fund fraud"  This isn't amazing.

"The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation"  I'm not sure whether this is amazing or not.

"MI6 spy Gareth Williams was 'discovered in bed with hands tied to headboard'"  So he can tie himself up well enough that he can't untie himself . . .

. . . but nobody can physically replicate the stunt he is supposed to have performed with the bag:  "MI6 spy inquest: Gareth Williams was 'dead or unconscious before he went into the bag'" "MI6 spy Gareth Williams could have locked himself in bag, inquest hears" (note that the headline contradicts the gist of the content of the article).  Amazing (and reminds me a little of the impossible suicide of David Kelly)!
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