Sunday, April 08, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hersh.  Incongruent?:
"Allan Gerson, a Washington attorney for the M.E.K., says the group has publicly and repeatedly renounced terror. He added that if the story about M.E.K. training in Nevada is true it is 'incongruent.' 'How can the U.S. train those on State’s foreign terrorist list when others face criminal penalties for providing a nickel to the same organization?' "

How indeed. Hypocrisy.

The old soldier jumps on the live 'anti-Semite' grenade so that others may win the War Against Pure Evil.

I have to admit it crossed my mind that the Virginia Beach crash was a drill.  A Navy firetruck at the scene.  No fatalities, despite all the damage.  How do you survive a jet plane going through your apartment building unless there was an evacuation?:
". . . the Navy has developed maps of zones where crashes could occur to help local governments limit growth there, part of an ongoing effort to increase cooperation between military and local officials. Both plan, train and prepare together for possible emergencies, including simulated crashes, said Davis, the Virginia Beach spokesman."
I never thought we'd see the day: "5 Ex-Officers Sentenced in Post-Katrina Shootings".  Note how the story was originally covered by the media.
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