Monday, April 23, 2012


There might even be a theme here somewhere.

"Greg Felton: Activists who talk like zionists continue to betray Palestine"  Felton is one of the very best writers on the Zionist killing and land theft project.

"Jewish Group Slams Urban Outfitters For Selling "Holocaust Tee""  It is impossible for any sane person to make this connection.

"‘Jewish Money’ Is Not A Good Way to Smear Political Candidates In 2010"

"Vienna removing anti-Semite's name from avenue" (my emphasis in red):
"The name of a late mayor known for his anti-Semitic views will be removed from a section of Vienna's posh Ring avenue, an official announced Thursday, in a change hailed by Jewish representatives but denounced by Austria's rightist party.
The section now called Dr. Karl-Lueger-Ring will be renamed Universitaetsring (University Ring) for the university that is located on that section of the avenue circling the inner city, the official said.
Lueger was mayor for 13 years, starting in 1897. While in office, he expanded Vienna's pipeline network supplying the city with alpine spring water, established a public transport system and strengthened social welfare services. But he also openly espoused anti-Semitic sentiments. Adolf Hitler, who lived in Vienna for part of Lueger's tenure, saw him as an inspiration for his hatred of Jews.
Lueger nonetheless had Jewish friends and once famously declared, "I decide who is a Jew." His views were shared by many Austrians at a time when anti-Semitism was widespread across much of Europe and before it became associated with the Holocaust."
As usual, the theme is power, and the problem of disguising kowtowing to the powerful due to fear.
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