Friday, May 04, 2012

Consolation war

There are two mysteries about Obama's commitment to a permanent American war on the innocent people of Afghanistan:
  1. Why?  What possible American strategic interest could this never-ending war possibly serve?  Why continue to fight a war - one you can't afford except by running the printing presses to fund the war, which in turn erodes your position as having the world reserve currency, a position which allows you to run those presses white hot without causing ruinous inflation - you are obviously, and embarrassingly, losing badly, where things are only going to get worse?
  2. Why does nobody in the American media point out the obvious absurdity?
Of course, the answer is  . . .  Jews. The war on Afghanistan is part of the Zionist program to destabilize and weaken Pakistan. The Jewish money can't force an attack on Iran - an attack that would cause gas prices to go up so high Mitt would win in a landslide - so Afghanistan is the consolation War For The Jews.  This war is ruinous for the United States (not to mention Afghanistan and Pakistan), but not immediately and obviously so, and won't end Obama's chances of reelection.  The mysteries are easily explained, but can't be spoken out loud.

I've come to the conclusion that if your geopolitical analysis isn't profoundly 'anti-Semitic', it is wrong.
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