Wednesday, May 30, 2012

'Journalists' as terrorists

"Syria crisis: Most Houla victims 'were executed'"

"West's Houla Syria Narrative Crumbles, Expels Syrian Diplomats Anyway"

Remember the original Official Story, told in lockstep by all the western mainstream media, was that the atrocity had to have been committed by the Syrian army as the deaths were caused by artillery shells and the Syrian army was the only player with artillery shells.  After the initial wave of lies, it is now clear that the great majority of, if not all, the deaths were caused by execution by small arms and knives.

This killing makes no sense for anybody working for the Syrian government (in fact, Syrian military response to immense provocation has throughout been very restrained).  Reading between the lines of the account by the Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations, it appears there may have been an encounter between Syrian government forces and an organized anti-government militia. After this encounter, some group set up the false flag by murdering a large number of civilians, including a lot of children. The group that would do this is known to Americans as 'al Qaeda', and the 'journalists' who perpetrated the lies are the propaganda arm of  'al Qaeda', and thus on any definition are themselves terrorists.  The plan of the conspirators was to set up a false flag attack on civilians that would lead to the planned UN condemnation of the Syrian government and the planned expulsion by western countries of Syrian diplomats.

The long-term plan is to force a breach between Syria and Russia, and thus remove the Russian military base from the Mediterranean, a plan that has not yet worked:  "Syria: Russia refuses to change stance despite William Hague's efforts".  There is no plan to put troops on the ground in Syria.
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