Wednesday, May 09, 2012

They take us for fools

Underwear bomb edition. If 'al Qaeda' in Yemen has a bomb undetectable by airport security devices, the joke that we'll all have to strip down completely to get on a plane has become a reality.  Thanks go out yet again to the War For The Jews known colloquially as the 'War On Terror'.

"Did Another Saudi Double Agent “Tip” Us Off to a “Plot” Against America?"

"Plot Shows War On Terror Failure"

"Guess which one"

"The double agent"

Also, Italian kneecapping:  "Is it Just Me?"  The kneecapping is an oddity.  Why not just kill him?  Kneecapping is a warning directed specifically to him that his murder will ensue unless he does something for the group the attackers are working for.
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