Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Unified Settler Party

I don't usually link to Uri Avnery, as he is a horrible lite Zionist, but he has done an excellent job of summarizing the recent politics of Israel:  "The Netanyahu-Mofaz Pact".  Israel has finally reached its inevitable finish of being run by a pure, united, and completely dominant, Unified Settler Party.  The Unified Settler Party is dedicated to the single issue of building Greater Israel (by, of course, killing people and stealing their land).  The joke is that the only way they could reach this blessed point is to remove the parties overtly working for the interests of the settlers, whose political control, through holding the balance of power in Bibi's coalition, was actually making it harder for Bibi to work for settler interests.

Don't be fooled that this has anything whatsoever to do with an Israeli attack on Iran (excuse me while I laugh yet again).  Israel still can't do it, not technically and certainly not politically while the US is in the middle of negotiations with Iran which are being sold as going well.
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